Atama is a London-based company that makes app-enabled products and recently they have released Sesame, a Bluetooth accessory that locks and unlocks your Mac based on your proximity. This way, only the person that is carrying the Sesame will be able to block the Mac as it steps away from it. The accessory is based on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 radio standard and its size and shape make is look like a cigarette lighter.

Atama says that Sesame can can run for months on a single coin-cell battery which takes advantage of Bluetooth 4.0’s Low Energy mode. Also, according to the company, your Mac’s battery will barely be affected by Sesame. The small device secures your Mac using OS X’s built-in screen saver password lock function. Sesame also comes with a companion app where you can set the distance at which the screen saver should be engaged. It can also stop or start iTunes playback.

Sesame blocks your Mac based on your proximity

Eric Ferraz, CEO of Atama, said the following with regards to the Sesame launch:

“Sesame secures your Mac without draining your battery thanks to the use of Bluetooth Low Energy. Securing your Mac while you’re atama-sesame-mac-lockaway is something you shouldn’t need to think about and Sesame can even be used for Two-factor authentication by requiring you to also press the keyfob button when you login to your Mac”

If you need even more security, then Sesame can be used as a two-factor authentication device. Sesame ships for $39.99 later in November and will be compatible with most Mac laptops running Mountain Lion or Mavericks. Here is the list of compatible Mac models that have received support for Sesame where we can see that it will work for your iMac, as well:

  • MacBook Air – mid-2011, 2012, 2013
  • MacBook Pro – mid-2012, Retina 2012, Retina 2013
  • Mac Mini – mid 2011, Late 2012
  • iMac – late 2012, early 2013
  • MacOS X – 10.8.x, 10.9.x

As mentioned before, Sesame is very light-weight, weighing only 9g (0.02lbs). So, if you want to prevent anyone else from accessing your precious files, and even your online accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter account, e-mail client, then you need to pre-order Sesame.

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