Kickstarter is the place where we discover new ingenious gadgets and tools almost on a daily basis. One of the latest gadgets that impressed us is Bublcam, a 360-degree HD video camera that captures everything around you in 1080p video quality at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps. You can also take pictures, as it comes with a camera sensor of 14 megapixels. Bublcam is made of 4 lenses in a proprietary tetrahedral design that leaves no blind spots when filming.

bublcam-360-degreeThis spherical camera also comes with the ability of doing video chats and is slightly larger than a baseball. It allows you to live stream what you are recording through Wi-Fi and you can also save the content to a MicroSD card (maximum of 32 GB), if you so choose. Even more, those who are willing to pay CAD $399 or more (as this is currently the early bird price) will get to see even more functions such as direct storing of the recorded content to cloud storage providers.

Bublcam records the world around you in 360-degrees videos

The recorded videos and exported in MP4 format and photos are captured at full resolution of 3840 X 3840 and exported in JPEG format. Currently, the makers of the Bublcam are aiming for a May 2014 shipping date as they have already met and surpassed their funding goal. At the moment of writing this article,  they had more than $123,000 CAD pledged and with 37 more days to go.

You could so many things with the Bublcam, such as:bublcam

  • Take high-quality photo and videos
  • Use it for action sports
  • Capture beautiful places and moments while traveling
  • Record family moments
  • Monitor your little one
  • Gaming
  • 360 degree video chatting

Even more, the Bublcam could be found of great use by filmmakers, reporters, real estate agents, you name it. Sean Ramsey, the founder and CEO of Bublcam, has discussed about the process of creating the required software for Bublcam:

“Calibration became quite a bottleneck. It went through a lot of iterations before we got that right. Multiplex imagery was an untested area in general. Most people weren’t using it for anything other than security footage. There was very little use for multiplex imagery so it became something that I realized very quickly was free and open for patenting.  When we discovered a way to do it, that’s when we realized we really had something special.”

However, the biggest problem that lies ahead of Bublcam is the price, as retail version are going to be priced at around $800. That’s why, if you like the concept, you better head out to Kickstarter to get a Bublcam for half the price.


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