Every driver knows that it’s essential to have a pretty good docking choice when you’re planning to use that Android on the road, especially as a guiding system. While classic solution takes care of the GPS functionality pretty well, almost all fall short when it comes to other phone interactions. Here’s where the Aura Smart dock steps in.

As the name suggests, Aura is indeed an intelligent docking solution to avoid drivers being distracted in an unsafe way while permitting users to enjoy the simple pleasures of an Android device. First and foremost, with the Aura dock you can easily take screenshots of the homescreen or even a picture, talk with someone or text, all of these without needing to hold the device at all.

What’s special about Aura Smart Dock?


Well, those who thought of voice commands to replace tactile movement for daily gestures have guessed only one part of the magic. The other segment and by far the most important one, lies in the nature of this instrument: once the Android device is plugged into Aura, a very basic and simple to use interface appears, pretty much like a launcher.

This Aura launcher, as we’ll call it for the sake of the explanation, targets basic actions like the ones mentioned above which can be completed with just a tap of the button. You can capture pictures, record videos or use voice commands to activate certain applications, which by the way remain active in the background once called upon.

Aura can also be configured to read text messages out loud and the dock manages to even stay compatible with cars that have a modest interior configuration. For instance, vehicles equipped with a standard Bluetooth connection can connect with the dock and let it use the car’s speakers when needed but, if there isn’t such a feature available, incoming calls will be automatically diverted to the phone’s own speaker.

Developed by MightyCarma and currently in a funding campaign on KickStarter, Aura comes with a built-in car charger, a remote control and a capable application. All for the price of $69.

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