Personally, I prefer to think of myself as a tidy person. I don’t like handling many wires and I prefer wireless connections at any time of the day. I have to struggle with charging though, because not many products come with wireless charging by default. Well, I just came across this small solution, called thingCHARGER, which could act as an universal adapter for all devices while keeping things tidy.

A project still in a funding stage at Indiegogo, thingCHARGER is actually a stylish and intelligent solution that has the potential of replacing conventional wired chargers with a simple and customizable wall plug, that can feed current to any device right from the power outlet and even without interfering with conventional house-hold electronics.

So what is thingCHARGER?


It’s a simple yet brilliant idea of taking more advantage of the wall outlet and leaving wires in the past. Unlike conventional wireless charging solutions which require wires to power the actual charging station which feeds current through magnetic waves, thingCHARGER is simply an advanced wall plug adapter, which looks exactly like a wall outlet and can be connected directly into it.

Once inserted, thingCHARGER can supply that much needed charge to any kind of device through it’s upper-mounted interchangeable tips, which are actually connectors that can match those mounted on any type of device. And here we’re referring to miniUSB, microUSB, Apple’s 30-pin connector and even the all-mighty Lightning. A grand total of four, to accommodate the most used devices at this moment (the complete list can be found written with very small characters here, at the bottom of the page).

Any of these upper tips can be easily changed in a few moments and all the rest are stored in the back of the charger, again in a stylish and simple way.


Now, this is all you need to charge an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy S4 or even a Kindle. If by any chance you also require a conventional USB port to simply connect another device through a conventional cable, thingCHARGER has two of these ports mounted on the bottom.

Pricing and availability

As we mentioned before, this project is still a funding stage and customers will have to wait a couple of weeks until the first unit ships. Those interested can hit the source link and order three thingCHARGERs for just $58 (it’s a two plus one special offer they have) or buy a single one for $29. By default, Apple’s Lightning connector tip is not included and you will have to pay $9 extra to get it.

The charger is compatible only with USA-based plugs but developers have plans of increasing country compatibility as the project develops.

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