When it comes to optimizing your computer, most of us think about traditional software, such as defragmentation programs, tools to speed up our devices and much more. But not everybody has heard about software that you can use to optimize your computer from the cloud. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could speed up your auntie’s old system just by logging into a browser from your place?

Since the concept is novel, don’t expect to see to many programs, but this trend will most likely pick up in the future, especially among enterprise users. In fact, at the moment, I can safely recommend only one such tools that we’re going to talk below: Agomo, which is developed by the same company that has created the far more popular CCleaner. There are other software available, but I haven’t tried them, so can’t vouch for that.

Agomo makes your PC faster from the cloud

Agomo is a very young product, having been launched by Piriform at the end of August, this year. By using this software, you can optimize your system from anywhere and enjoy the combined power of CCleaner and Defraggler, both products developed by Piriform. You will be able to monitor your PC, view stats, components, memory, disk space and much more. Even more, you will be able to receive email warnings by Agomo about eventual problems and low disk space.

Agomo is very quick to set up and start maintaining and you can use it to maintain a single computer or an entire fleet. The latter feature is agomo-optimize-pc-cloudprobably going to be used by IT administrators and business owners. You can schedule when you want your computers to be optimized as well as add.remove programs and control your startup applications.

“Agomo brings the power of our award-winning software to the cloud – letting you clean, defrag and monitor your computers from anywhere, using your browser So whether you’re in a coffee shop, at a hotel, or getting some quality sofa time, you can keep up with your PC maintenance.”

Since it embeds inside its functionality the power of CCleaner, you get to defrag your drives and fix problems in the Windows Registry. The system information that Agomo reveals is quite detailed, as you get to view CPU load, memory usage, full disks and some other one hundred different stats. At the moment, Agomo isn’t open for everybody, so you’ll have to leave your email to be notified when you could be offered a place.


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