Google’s new flagship device has been around for a while now, and as such, many interesting accessories have made their way to gadget websites all around the web. If you’re interested in buying  some gear for your new and shiny Nexus 5, then you have a wide array to choose from. Depending on what particular Nexus 5 accessory you need, there are many choices, so be sure to choose carefully.

As soon as the Nexus 5 was released, accessories started to pop up on all major websites, therefore users could potentially gear up before the smartphone actually arrived at their doorstep. Anything from chargers, cases or protection screens and many more are available at this time. Users who are inclined to having the latest tech will be thrilled to browse this assortment of Nexus 5 accessories.

Awesome Nexus 5 Accessories to choose from

Now that you already have your smartphone (or are waiting 4-5 weeks for one), you’ll be interesting in making it more accessible and stand out by assorting it with the very best third party accessories that are available. Here’s a small selection of what you can buy, but keep in mind that this is only scratching the surface of what you could get.

Note: A word of caution would be to do some research before parting with your cash, as some third party developers don’t have quality products and you might end up in the position of having to buy another product. 

Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case


If you have a habit of dripping your phones, then investing in a protective case would be the smart thing to do. While most cases will provide a level of protection to the phone, the Ballistic Series was especially designed with protection in mind. The case protects your device by implementing a three-layer system that has soft silicone as the first layer, a hard polycarbonate in the middle and to top it off, a shock absorbent polymer as the final layer.

As an extra level of security, the case has the so-called Ballistic Corners which protect both the corners (obviously) and the front and back sides of the phone from direct impacts. The case comes in three color schemes, for those who are more style-concerned. Also keep in mind that at the time of this writing, this Nexus 5 accessory is only available for pre-order.

Price: $34.99

LG QuickCover for Nexus 5


I’ve never been a fan of the QuickCover, but many users out there have found it very useful and enjoy its look. The case itself doesn’t provide too much bump absorption, but it does offer scratch and wear protection, so you can keep your Nexus 5 looking brand new for a long time. The case has a uni-body design and is mounted on the back side of the Nexus 5 and has an extension that flips over the display.

The case comes in two flavors, Black and White, just like the phone, and although it is not currently available, it will hit the markets as soon as possible. Those of you who want to pick up one of these cases, be sure to check the Google Play store very often to see when it will be available.

Price: $49.99

Nexus 5 Bumper Case


just like the LG QuickCover, this premium Bumper Case was developed by LG, so you can be sure your Nexus 5 will fit snugly it this case. Having a traditional design, this case will never go out of style, as there are many users that want just a little extra protection, but with no compromise when it comes to looks and size. It adds very little to the Nexus 5’s size, and thanks to the fact that it is available in various colors, users can come up with nice combinations.

But if you like the look of the Nexus 5 Bumper Case, you might want to hold your horses, as (once again) it is not yet available for purchase. But, just like with the QuickCover, do keep your eyes on the Play Store for it and when it will be available, you can choose one of the 4 colors it will come in.

Price: $34.99

Spigen Nexus 5 Case Ultra Hybrid


Spigen offers some awesome cases for different mobile devices, and part of their Nexus 5 line is the very stylish Ultra Hybrid case, which has the perfect balance between style and protection. The case offers shock protection on both sides of the Nexus 5, as well as a anti-slip coating that ensures your smartphone will never slip out of your hand. It is made from a hybrid material that is both lightweight and durable.

This is a premium case that will definitely turn some heads, and if you live in the US, you will get free shipping for your order. There are two models of this case, black and grey, and in the box, users will find the protective case, as well as the Ultra Crystal screen protector.

Price: $9.99 (At the time of this writing, the case is on special offer, including extra graphics and screen protector)

Cruzerlite Spi-Force Case


And to finish up with this type of Nexus 5 accessories (phone cases), we’ll be talking a bit about the Cruzerlite Spi-Force Case. If style isn’t that important to you, or if you like having an industrial, heady-duty looking Nexus 5, then this is the case for you. The outside of the case is made out of foamy material that is tear proof and sock absorbent, and the screen is protected by a screen that is scratch resistant and more durable than silicone ones.

Thanks to its design, there are no problems with gripping the phone when it is inside this case, and just add mode functionality to the case, the designers have added a pop-out kickstand at the back that allows users to balance the display perfectly for watching movies or making video calls. For added customization, the case comes in various colors.

Price: $12.90

Invisible Defender Nexus 5 Screen Protector


If you’ve bought a Nexus 5, you might want to keep it safe from any damage that might come to it, after all, it is a smartphone, and these tend to get thrown around a lot. One part of the smartphone, you definitely want to have in pristine condition, and that is the screen. Even if the display is Gorilla Glass 1000, it’s always a good idea to have a screen protector on, just to be on the safe side.

Invisible Defender is does exactly that, and while it might not be as obvious as other Nexus 5 accessories, it does protect your device’s screen from scratches or other damage that might come to the screen. Even so, if you drop it, it might still need a visit to the warranty department, but other than that, you can rest assured that there are no marks on your screen.

Price: $7.99 (At the time of this post, this screen protector comes with lifetime warranty)

CHOE UPGRADED Qi Wireless Charger


Wireless chargers have been around for some time now, and while some users think they are the simply awesome, others are still in the “meh” phase. Nevertheless, a Qi wireless charger should be on every desk that belongs to tech-savvy person. These induction chargers allow users to charge compatible devices simply by laying them on the charger.

Since the release of these wireless chargers, lots of developers have started creating such gadgets. One of which is the Choe Qi Wireless Charger, which is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices on the market today. In the list of compatible devices, is the Nexus 5, and if you can’t wait for the official Google charger, then this accessory might be of interest to you.

Price: $29.99

XtremeGuard Nexus 5 Screen Protector


Protecting is all well and good, but at times, the back of the device can become susceptible to scratches and general signs of ware. And if you don’t like the idea of having a Nexus 5 case as an accessory, then you might be looking for a more subtle solution. Enter the XtremeGuard Nexus 5 Screen Protector, which can be used on both the front and the back of the device.

Primarily, this is a screen protection foil, but the developers have created one that goes on the back of the device. The foil is transparent and doesn’t interfere with how the touchscreen performs, and the back cover is barely visible. This solution is great for users who want to protect their phone against scratches (but it won’t do much against bumps and drops), but at the same time, preserve the look of the device.

Price: $3.49 Front/Back cover or $5.49 for Both

LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset


These unique looking headphones were created by LG, and they would  very suited as a Nexus 5 accessory for music lovers. The headset is Bluetooth enabled, so it will wirelessly connect to your device and stream audio. As an added benefit, for Android users who have compatible devices, there is an LG BT app that goes with this accessory and gives users the possibility to listen to text messages.

Although slim and very stylish, these bad boys pack a mean punch. Offering premium sound quality over Bluetooth, they can keep rocking for an entire day on a single charge. LG has marketed them as being able to keep going for 10 hours on music streaming or a whopping 15 hours talk time.

Price: $42.40

Google Nexus 5 Wireless Charger


Google has released a Qi charger for the Nexus 4, and as luck would have it, they have announced a new version of the device. Hopefully, this time they will stock up on wireless chargers, so that every user who wants one can get it. The design of the device is said to have changed, from the orb-like model to a more conventional flatbed design with magnets that will align the Nexus 5 perfectly on the charger.

Although we don’t know much about the device, apart from the magnet aliment and that it was designed to work perfectly with the new Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5, but will also offer support for any other Qi enabled device out there. The price and release date are still a mystery, but we hope to see it as soon as possible.

Price: N/A

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