If you are used to flashing custom ROMs on your Android device, then you are no stranger to CyanogenMod. The team is responsible for some of the best custom firmware that Android devices have seen, and for those who have not yet delved in to Android customization, you should get familiar with this name. There are other organizations that create these custom Android ROMs, but CyanogenMod is probably the most used and well known name.

Until now, flashing ROMs hasn’t been for the faint of heart, as the possibility of bricking your device when you install a new OS is pretty big, especially if you’ve just started and don’t know your way around. This is exactly what the CM team wanted to fix by coming up with a simple, straightforward method of doing this, and boy, did they succeed!


CyanogenMod Installer allows anyone to install a custom CM Android

I must admit, I was pretty skeptical about this app, but after using it, not anymore. The process was as smooth as you could imagine. The way to describe it is “flawless”. This is, of course, compared to the old flashing method from the bootloader or adb, which was time consuming and required users to have some knowledge about Android, command line and so on.

If you wish to install an awesome mod on your Android device, but at the same time, you don’t want to bother with searching for a stable version and then go through the process of installing it, then this tool is perfect for you. The process is simple and it takes less than 10 minutes to complete from start to finish. Here are the very few and simple steps you need to do in order to install CyanogenMod on your Android device:

Note: Be sure to make a full backup of your device, as this process will do a factory reset and delete all personal data. And needless to say, you take the complete responsibility for whatever you’re about to do with your handset.

  1. Download the CyanogenMod Installer to your Android device
  2. cyanogenmod-installer-step-1

  3. Go to your Windows computer and open up a browser
  4. Go to the CyanogenMod Windows client download page
  5. Download and install the client to your computer
  6. cyanogenmod-installer-step-2

  7. Connect your device (make sure that you have USB Debugging turned on)
  8. The software will now automatically start to download (CyanogenMod Android and System Apps)
  9. cyanogenmod-installer-step-4

  10. On the Windows client, click on the “Install” button once you’ve backed up your files

After finishing with these steps, wait a few minutes for your smartphone to install the new Android OS and once it finishes, you’re all set. The client will automatically install the latest stable version of CyanogenMod available for your device, but once it has finished, you have the option to update the OS to Nightly versions from the settings.


So, how simple was that? Well, considering that the entire process requires only 1 click, I’d say it’s very easy, and with this tool, everyone will be able to use CyanogenMod ROMs. Now let’s wait for other modders to release similar installer apps for their custom ROMs.

Update: Unfortunately, Google has asked CyanogenMod to remove the app from the Play Store. But you can download it from cyanogenmod.org

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