Ever wondered how those stock pictures of various casual items (watches, figurines, etc.) end up being almost perfect? Well, besides a state-of-the-art camera that can capture every existing detail, photographers also need a good studio, where the light is just perfect and all environmental conditions can be controllable.  If you are running on a tight budget and you also lack the time to assembly such a complicated setup, Foldio may be the perfect solution.

Currently in the last stages of a KickStarter fundraising, Foldio is a wonderful and simple project created by OrangeMonkey. In a few words, Foldio can be presented as a portable, compact and foldable studio for those who enjoy taking pictures with their smartphones.

What is Foldio?


Because of random lightning and background, it’s rather hard to take quality pictures of simpler items with a smartphone. Yes, maybe that brilliant iPhone 5s camera works great for a Mediterranean sunset but try making a stock photo collection of several watches for a brand new website, and quality fading will start showing up.

Foldio is the photo studio for smartphone owners of all budgets. Simple, easy to use and most of all, portable, this project allows owners to control the background (to some extent) and disregard the present lightning conditions. In other words, anyone can take high quality pictures with a smartphone in any environment and, in a couple of seconds.

At basis, Foldio is an intelligent foldable design which once assembled, it looks pretty much as an ordinary cub. Equipped with magnets for an easy setup, internally embedded LED lights for controllable lightning and an inter-changeable background sheet (which comes in 7 colors), this studio is a simple and intelligent solution to image perfectionists. As a bonus, the whole thing was constructed from laminated paper meaning it’s water resistant and can also be washed.

Other interesting facts that can be mentioned here is the dimension of the entire construction when it’s folded (it’s no larger than a notebook) and the included memo clip which can be used to attach notes into Foldio.

Foldio can be currently ordered from the KickStarter page where a standard set will set you back $34. This includes a Foldio cubicle, a LED strip and a white background sheet. For an extra $9, you get seven additional backgrounds, in different colors (yellow, red, blue, pink, purple and light green). Each order comes with a free carrying bag and all US-stationed customers will receive free delivery. International purchasers will have to pay $10 for shipping.

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