When the Xbox One was unveiled, as always, it had ups and downs and quickly gained supporters and critics. The early reviews that we’ve compiled suggest the same thing – some are attracted by Xbox One’s potential as the center of your living room, taking a bigger role than just a gaming console, while others think Microsoft’s gaming console is half-baked, or, if you will, too young to make an opinion about it.

If you went through the Xbox One reviews, you are probably interested in getting one. And, as always, you have to compare it with the PlayStation 4 to know which one is best for you. To help you with that, we’re going to go through the most interesting observations made during the teardown of the Xbox One, just like we did with the PS4. So, let’s see what iFixit’s Xbox One’s innards will reveal.

A mysterious small speaker is found




During the Xbox One teardown, the first interesting discovery made by the guys over at iFixit is a small speaker, which wasn’t present in the Xbox 360.  The repair specialists argue that it could be an early prototype of an arc reactor, but by the looks of it, it’s most likely a speaker. Repairability-wise, it’s good that the speaker is held in place with a simple plastic bracket and there’s no need for specials tools to remove. But what does it do?

You have to void the warranty to replace the hard drive

xbox-one-teardown-harddriveUnlike the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One doesn’t officially feature a replaceable hard drive, so if you will go ahead and replace it on your own, this means you will be voiding the warranty. iFixit found inside a standard 2.5 inch SATA II drive but it worries whether the Xbox One will recognize unformatted SATA hard drives.

Beefy cooling system uncovered

cooling-system-xbox-oneIt seems that both Microsoft and Sony worry about heating problems, that’s why both of the gaming consoles come with beefy, mighty but silent cooling systems. With the Xbox One, the team from iFixit assumes that the improvement was needed to make sure there is no precedent to the infamous red ring of death problems that plagued the Xbox 360. Also, replacing the fan or heat sink seems to be very easy and at hand for most of use, not only repair experts.

Why the Xbox One is bigger than the Xbox 360

xbox-one-teardownAs much as you wouldn’t long for slim, portable gadgets, the Xbox One is bigger than the Xbox 360 and this is a conclusion compiled from iFixit’s observations. The main culprits are the above-mentioned browny fan and the new Blu-ray drive. And, as someone puts it, the fact that the Xbox One is a hulking unit clad in a metal body doesn’t help make it seem smaller.

Improvements that make repair easier

xbox-one-cooling-system-teardownJust like the PS4, the Xbox One has obtained a repairability score of 8 out of 10 and there are certain things that have contributed to this. First of all, it is very easy to reveal the inside engineering of the Xbox One, just by lifting off the lower case after unscrewing eight 64 mm T9 Torx guardians. Also, the Blu-ray/DVD drive is connected to the motherboard via an easily unplugged SATA data connector. You will only need a few tools to get inside the Xbox One and the procedure is actually much easier than it was with the Xbox 360.


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