Here at Technology Personalized, we’re obsessed with Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We genuinely believe they’re the next big thing in the world of technology, along with Wearables, which by the way, are a subset of IoT. Other than wearables, Home automation and Home security form a big chunk of IoT.

Home Automation systems have been around for a while with players like Control4 and Crestron being the mainstay. Several smart appliances from brands like Philips, Belkin, Nest and Samsung have been trying to make things really easy for us. But they’re either too complex or incapable of talking to other smart devices at home. This is where Ninja Sphere comes in.


Ninja Sphere aims to provide you the complete control of your environment with accurate in-home location data using the sensors and actuators which comes with the device and/or already available with you. It’s built around ARM Cortex A8 processor and communicates via ZigBee, Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi. It can monitor temperature, lighting, energy usage, you and your pets’ presence, and anything else you connect to your Ninja Sphere.


In order to accomplish this, Ninja Blocks, the creators of Ninja Sphere plans to use a mechanism called Trilateration whereby the intersection of 3 or more overlapping signals can determine the location of an object. In addition to this, to make the location data as accurate as possible, Ninja Sphere will be calibrated using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to build a 3D model of your home. This method takes into account walls, furniture, and other objects that may interfere with the signals.

The best part about Ninja Sphere is that it’ll be made open source soon, so that developers can come in and build cooler things around it. The current list of supported devices and platforms is itself mind blowing. Both Zigbee and Z-Wave platforms are supported. Surveillance cameras like Dropcam, Belkin Wemo are supported. Bluetooth LE tracking devices like Gecko, Tile are supported. Smart Lighting devices like Philips Hue, LimitlessLED and EasyBulb are supported. There is support for Pebble as well.


To make things easier, Ninja Sphere will be gesture controlled. To name a few usecases, Ninja Sphere can notify you across platforms based on your location, can turn off appliances automatically when no one is around and it can even alert you if someone is trying to drink your favorite wine!

As cool as this may sound, one needs to know and understand that this is still not an actual product. Ninja Sphere is running a Kickstarter campaign where it has blazed past its goal of AUD 115,000, and looking strong enough to meet its stretch goal of AUD 250,000. If you’re interested, you can pledge AU$ 249 to AU$ 629 depending upon the size of your home. Ninja Sphere aims to be ready by July next year and can be shipped internationally.

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