I’ve bet you’ve already heard about proxy servers and VPN solutions for a safe browsing, solutions which usually hide your IP address and location from any curious website that wants to know it. Among these benefits, VPN servers can also encrypt the connection and make sure that everything sent out the line cannot be interpreted easily. Well, Safeplug, the device we are going to speak of today has all of these advantages but it’s something that can be easily used by all types of users, beginners and knowledgeable alike.

With Safeplug users can effectively stop websites from knowing who you are and where you life, information which for some people may mean a great deal. Coming in the form of a small, router-like device, Safeplug setups its own routine in about 60 seconds and doesn’t require thorough configuration. As a matter of speak, you only have to connect it to a router and activate the shield.


How does Safeplug work?

Powered by Linux, at the basis of this project we can find Tor, a complicated and twisted network service which takes any incoming traffic from your device and hides it from eavesdroppers. Using Tor, any logging program will be thrown out of the route and knowing the originating IP / location becomes almost impossible.

In this way, websites like Google, Facebook and pretty much any other big name out there will not be able to save their cookies on the browser. On the other hand we have been advised that using browser plugins like Flash Player and QuickTime may leave a door opened for them.

Taking in consideration that all the data passed through Safeplug will be forwarded to several random computers around Tor’s secure network, users may also experience slightly slower speeds. An actual percentage has yet to be quoted, but as the service grows in popularity and Tor’s network becomes larger, higher speeds and smaller downtime are promised. One can compare this principle with the one of a content delivery network, which relies on its wide-spread servers to improve bandwidth.

You usually require a lot of configuration and plenty user-scary options to rejoice such a benefit, but through the use of Safeplug no extra configuration is needed on a desktop computer, smartphone or even tablet. All you need is the device itself and a modern browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  Oh, and one more thing: it seems that there’s also an ad-blocking software built-in so you’re not going to need any other mean of protection.

Speaking of mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, Safeplug can be used on them too through Wi-Fi. All you need is connect the portable gadget to the same Wi-Fi which Safeplug resides on. For the moment, only iOS and Android is supported.

Why choose Safeplug and not Tor itself?

While the actual Tor network can be configured fairly easy by any-tech driven person, it may prove a challenge for an elderly person or a child. Above that, Tor usually offers support only for desktop platforms, while mobile devices are are rarely encountered. With Safeplug you get the advantages of Tor without the configuration.

Safeplug can be purchased from the official website in the US for $49.

Source: Pogoplug

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