The technology is blooming and new products, which some of us wouldn’t believe some years back that they could exist, launched one by one in the last few years. One of these devices is the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that was launched in over 100 countries on the 25th of September.

The choice of applications for this device is limited to a few dozens of solutions, at this time. In order to enjoy the experience of using your new high-tech product from the beginning, we decided to explore the web for you and choose the best apps that are already available and compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Gear


The demand of this kind of products, wearable technology, increased a lot in the last couple of years and manufacturers conformed and satisfied the needs of their customers. The device runs on Android 4.3, it can make calls, take photos, record videos and much more. Besides the technical characteristics, it has a beautiful design and can be bought in a various number of colors, such as Rose Gold, Jet Black, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige and Mocha Gray.

Note that in the following lines, we will present a list with the best applications that are now available and that can be directly downloaded from the device.

My Fitness Pal


My Fitness Pal is a well-known free personal health and fitness website where people can track their diet. With the launch of the new intelligent watches, developers have also ported their Android app to the new Samsung Galaxy Gear. Now, users from all around the world are able to count their calories and their fitness exercises directly from their wrist, in just seconds.

The functions that are included in this special application are: Monitor Goal Progress, Scan and Log and Track Activity. Basically, in the first section users are able to view their daily summary of calories, which are projected to be consumed in that particular day, diet and fitness exercises.

The second one, Scan and Log, is the most interesting feature that is implemented in the entire app, because with the help of it users can easily scan food’s barcodes, through the watch’s integrated camera, and log them directly to their daily diaries. The last but not the least, the Track Activity can track the calories that were burned via the watch’s pedometer.



If you are searching for a good app that can share your location, stop, because Glympse is the first and single application for wearable devices that can do this. It allows you to easily send a glympse message to your friends, where they can see your movement in real-time on a map for a certain period of time, which can be set by the user.

This app is very useful when you you’re up for a meeting with your friends and you want to know their exact location. With just a few taps, users can request their friends’ location and see their movement on a map directly on their intelligent watch.

In order to work properly, users have to connect their smartphone to their Samsung Galaxy Gear, because the watch has to use the Internet connection and location coordinates that are provided by the phone.



Path is a private social network, where users can share all of their personal life only with people that matter, which has recently brought its application into the wearable computing. The new intelligent watch from Samsung comes with this app pre-installed, allowing users to stay in touch with their beloved ones, right from their wrist.

Developers say that most of the functions that are available in the mobile devices version have been ported to the smartwatch app. So, users are now able to share their photos with particular people, post their location, give feedbacks to others, receive notifications and even take photos directly with their watch. All of these features were beautifully redesigned so that they would fit into the small screen of the new gadget.



Evernote has become the most used organizational tool which is very handy in various ways, starting from writing down recipes or taking notes, to taking photos and recording audio. That’s why its developers could not miss the chance of creating a version for the new wearable devices and that’s how, they realized the app for the new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Unfortunately, at this time the smartwatch version is only able to do a couple of things that the original app can do, like accessing your account and showing your recent notes and checklists. Another thing that is capable of, is the ability of taking photos with the wrist strap camera and recording audio.

Watch Styler


Watch Styler is a beautiful application that permits users to create new watch “faces” for their Samsung Galaxy Gear. The app is very easy to use and thanks to its various features you have endless possibilities to create your own and unique face for your smartwatch. Basically, it allows users to choose a background for their new watch “face”, either from the images that are provided by the app or from users’ own Android gallery.

After that, users have to choose from a great number of analog or digital clocks and from a wide range of icons that represent the date, battery and Bluetooth feature. When everything is done, they only have to save their project and activate it on their intelligent watch. Note that for the whole process you need an Android smartphone as a companion to create this new faces.


As a wine lover, you will be extremely pleased with the great app called Vivino Wine Scanner which is, as the name says it too, a program that helps you get more information about a certain bottle of wine that you find in a store or somewhere else.

The only thing you have to do is to take a picture of that bottle and wait until the image is scanned and you receive the results that you are expecting. If it happens for a match not to be found immediately, you do not have to worry, because the professional Vivino members will do their best in order to check the picture and find the information that you need.

Moreover, there is a community of more than 1 million members from where you can obtain ratings and reviews of certain wines and where you can place your own ratings for the wine that you want to add to the community.


Each and every person that uses eBay knows the fact that it is essential to regularly check for notifications on email in order to win a bid or to make a certain sale. With the eBay for Galaxy Gear app you can easily check all of the sales or bids that you are interested in, because you are able to choose a certain number of notifications that will be sent on your watch, so you’ll not miss anything.

In addition, you are able to increase the bid on some items that you are looking for buying right from your watch, so that you can always keep an eye on them and see if you are lucky to have them. Furthermore, it has a shortcut button that when you press it on your Galaxy Gear, it will automatically open the eBay app from your phone.

You might also be interested in the following applications that can be downloaded directly from the device or via the Samsung Kies application:

  • FBQuickview and Tweet Quickview. Because we all know how important is to keep in touch with our friends and colleagues, these two apps come into our help and show our notifications, received messages and mentions directly to our wrists.
  • The beloved Pocket application comes on your smartwatch too, having the abilities of browsing through your saved links and managing them (the capability to favorite or cross an item off).
  • RadiON. Thanks to this useful app that acts like a remote control for the RadioON Android app, your favorite radio stations are now closer to you.
  • Quick Spin The Bottle brings the classic party game directly to your smartwatch. All users have to do is to swirl their finger on the Galaxy Gear’s display to spin the bottle.
  • Zite is an application that offers users a personalized magazine that permits users to browse through top stories’ headlines, which are automatically generated based on your personal interests. Tap on a headline and the full story will open on your smartphone.

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