The Chrome apps have been in beta since May, this year, being introduced for the first time in September for Windows and Chromebook users. Now, Google has announced that Chrome Apps are natively available for Mac users. This means that Google’s Chrome Apps will function like native Mac apps, updating automatically, working offline and syncing on any computer if user is signed into Chrome.


Chrome Apps for Mac are available in the “for your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store. Google’s also offering up a Chrome App Launcher for OS X with the release of the Chrome Apps. The launcher will show up in your dock when you download a new Chrome app. For those of you that are still confused, Chrome Apps are not the web apps for Chrome OS and Chrome browser but outside-of-the-browser apps with offline support. This is what Google said:

Chrome Apps work offline, update automatically and sync to any computer where you’re signed into Chrome, so you can pick up where you left off. Your Chrome Apps on Mac behave and feel just like native software. For example, you can find your Chrome Apps in the Applications folder on the Dock. Search for apps by name in the Spotlight search—just like any other Mac program that you already use.

To get you going, Google has suggest a few notable Chrome Apps to try out: WeVideo Next, for video editing; Smartsheet, for project management; and UntilAM, for DJ mixing. After Google will finish its Chrome apps for the desktop march, next year, the company is expected to tackle the mobile world, as well. Will you be interested in using Google’s Chrome apps?

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