Every week we roam around the internet to find useful applications for your Windows running system. This curated list encompasses hand-picked and tested software, browser extensions and online services. So without ado, let’s see what we have this week.

Want to use a Twitter client on Windows 7? We have an app for you. This week we’ll also take a look at a perfect batch image processing tool, an app that restores Windows Experience Index feature on Windows 8.1, and a service which evaluates your password.


MetroTwit (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 4 MB)


MetroTwit is a 3rd-party Twitter client for Windows running computers. It has an elegant user interface with all the required functionality placed at the right spots. In fact, it has laid out the options so well that it makes your Twitter experience incredibly convenient. If you like the Metro interface, you are going to love this application. You can also set sound notification for DMs and Mentions, and perform many other tweaks to make the app more usable to you.

ImBatch 2.1 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 11 MB)


If you have a lot of image files you want to add watermark or any other effects to, ImBatch is certainly one of the best freeware tool to pick. It offers a plethora of annotation, color, effects, watermark and orientation-control actions which can be defined for one image and applied to the entire batch. There is absolutely no catch or hidden costs crypted anywhere. ImBatch supports every popular image file type. Make sure to make backup copies of image files before applying any effect on it, as the app makes permanent modification on the original file.

Chris-PC Windows Experience Index (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 1 MB)

There are many features of Windows 7 that aren’t available on Windows 8 (and higher). One such feature is the benchmarking utility Windows Experience Index. This utility lets anyone evaluate the power of the computer’s hardware. Chris-PC Windows Experience Index brings back that feature to Windows 8 and 8.1. It is noteworthy to mention that unlike Windows 7, where the power of the system is measured on the scale of 1 to 7.9, on Windows 8 and 8.1, it’s 1 to 9.9. Interestingly, this app also works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Gramps 4.0.2 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 82 MB)

If you want to make a family tree, Gramps is your safest bet. It provides intuitive research, reporting and citation tools that will help you manage the tree efficiently. You can work on individual members, and their modifications will automatically start reflecting on the associated family members’ profile as well. A recent major update has fixed tons of bugs to make the software stable.

BootRacer (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 4 MB)

It’s a jarring experience to see our system take ages to boot. If you suspect your computer is doing the same, BootRacer will help you review that. BootRacer is a monitoring tool which evaluates the boot performance of any system. It runs two countdown timers to check how much time your PC took to complete the booting process. Upon the arrival of result, you are given the option to compare your PC’s information with others. Albeit the software doesn’t provide any fixes, it finds you the places on the interweb that can provide a solution.

Browser extensions and online services

Microsoft Telepathwords


Brute forcing has become one of the biggest way to crack one’s password. This tool utilizes the dictionary words to guess your password. In order to make you aware of this, the software giant has launched a free online service Microsoft Telepathwords, which guesses your password. It encourages you to write the words you use on your password to check if Telepathwords is able to guess the word or not. Ideally you should only be seeing the check tick marks, if you are getting too many cross marks, then it’s time to change your password.

Have I been Pwned? 

What’s one thing common between Adobe, Sony, Gawker, Facebook, Gmail and FBI? They all have been hacked at some point. Misha Glenny, a security journalist in his TED talk quoted, “There are two types of companies in the world. Those that know they have been hacked, and those that don’t.”.

Have I been Pwned, is a website that maintains a database of the emails that have been hacked. You can visit the website, enter your email IDs, and the website will tell you if your account have ever been hacked. And, don’t worry, the website is trustworthy, it is run by a software architect who is also an MVP.

Reload Plus 

Finally, we now have an add-on which lets you power-up the Reload button. The extension brings several keyboard and mouse shortcuts that let you trigger the exact operation you want to execute. Besides standard reloading, you can also load missing images and over-ride existing cache. This extension was one of the most downloaded extension this year.

Identity Mask


Last week we talked about Multifox, an extension for Firefox that lets you log-in to multiple accounts without having to sign out from your other account. Lifehacker recently found a similar extension that works on Google Chrome. Once you have installed the extension, you can right click on any link and select Open Link in a new account from the context menu. Alternatively, you can also click on the icon from the extension bar.

Picture in Picture Viewer


This extension is an absolute ripper. Once installed, it lets you open any link – could be an article, YouTube video, Twitter feed, in a new endearing floating panel. But to enable this, you will have to go to Flags and enable Enable Panels. After taking care of that, make sure to close the Chrome browser and re-launch it.

To open any link in a new panel, right click on its link and select Open link in Panel.

Software updates

VLC Media Player 2.1.2

The new version sees improvement in the responsiveness of the player. Parsing for video portals like Vimeo and DailyMotion has been resolved as well. The update also brings playback improvements while playing WMV files.

EaseUS Partition Master Free 9.3

This popular partition manager also received a major update this week. The app is now fully compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. The base algorithm has been optimized to reduce the CPU usage and shorten the overall time duration.

Other than aforementioned apps, Firefox, Drive, Picasa and Thunderbird too received minor updates.

Tip of the week: Use Outlook as an RSS reader


Outlook, the email client from Office sports the RSS feature. In order to use this feature, fire up the Outlook application, and from the left corner, locate the option which says RSS Feeds. Right click on it, add the URL of the website you want to follow. Similarly, you can also import the .opml file to populate all of the sites you follow.

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