Missed our weekly roundup with the best new Android apps and games launched in the PlayStore? Well, now we’re back and we have ten interesting new launches that you might want to have a look at. Grab your tablets and smartphones and get to download.This time we’ve got a good mix of Android games and apps, we’re covering both the work and the fun here. You can also have a look at the best 10 Android apps for the previous week, in case you missed them.

As Christmas is approaching, we have a tool to track Santa’s whereabouts that comes from Google. Also, the Mountain View giant has released the Android Device Manager standalone app in the PlayStore and a new version of the popular Angry Birds casual game has been released. We’ve got the official Android app for Shutterstock users, an app that gives some extra functionality to your old smartphone and some more.

Android Device Manager (Free)

android-device-managerGoogle has decided to release Android Device Manager as a standalone application in the Play Store the last week. By using the app, you can find your misplaced or lost Android phone. Once found, you can reset your device’s screen lock PIN or choose to erase all the data on the phone. Let’s hope you will never have to use it.

Angry Birds Go! (Free)

angry-birds-goThe sequels to Angry Birds keep appearing and this time, Rovio has released the Angry Birds Go! game that is available as a freee download in the Play Store. Also, for the first time, you will get to see the birds and pigs from every angle because Piggy Island, where the crazy downhill racing will take place, comes alive in a 3D world. Having downloaded the game, I personally think it’s the best version of Angry Birds so far.

Shutterstock (Free)shutterstock

The official Android version of Shutterstock has been launched in the PlayStore, bringing an “elegant way to search, browse and organize millions of beautiful stock photos”. Inside the app you will be able to search by keword,  create, organize, and share lightboxes of images and view high resolution preview images. If you have a paid Shutterstock account, you can also download images from your computer.

Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99)

ridiculous-fishingRidiculous Fishing is one of those games that are very simple to play but very addictive. You follow Billy who fishes with guns, chainsaws & toasters in gours of gameplay across the continents that also include a never-ending Infinite arcade world. You will find many unlockables, weapons and items including popular fishing gear like the Most Expensive Hairdryer In The World and A Bowling Ball.

Google Santa Tracker (Free)google-santa-tracker

Tracking Santa is now possible from your smartphones or tablets and you can use Google’s official Santa Tracker app to do so. Like Google says, “Santa’s developer elves have created this app” so that you could follow Santa on his December 24th journey. Find his location across the gloves as he delivers gifts to children from all the countries.

Boson X ($1.99)

boson-xBoson X is a “fast-paced rotational runner set in a particle accelerator” that will keep you running and running…With plenty of positive reviews from dedicated gaming website, Boson X is about making quantum jumps from Planck to Planck as you build up speed inside an enormous particle accelerator. By doing this, you generate high-energy collisions in order to discover strange new particles. Precise timing and fast reflexes are needed to find the elusive Boson X.

Domino’s Pizza (Free)dominos-pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Domino’s Pizza is one of the most frequented pizza places and it has now launched an official pizza app that is currently limited to UK and Ireland users, but could soon make its way to other countries, as well. You can use the app toorder your favourite pizzas, sides, desserts and drinks quickly and easily. Yummy, right?

IP Cam Viewer Pro ($3.99)

ip-cam-viewer-proAlbeit not exactly new, IP Cam Viewer Pro app has been recently updated with more features that makes it a great app to be shared with our community. By using it, you can remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, CCTV or WebCam. The background Audio Mode includes motion detection sound alerts and there’s also the option to record only when motion is detected in Record Mode. You can also be notified about motion detection via email.

Little Inferno ($2.99)little-inferno

Little Inferno is a game that was initially launched for desktop users but now has made its way into the Android world, as it’s an indie game and doesn’t rely on heavy graphics usage. As the name says, it’s all about fire here. Burn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies in this crazy fire game. It sounds stupid, but you will be surprised at how ingenious some developers can be.

Trees for Cars ($0.99)trees-for-cars

The new Android app Trees for Cars is a carpooling app that connects drivers and riders with the purpose of reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Trees for Cars finds rides in your area, which means fewer cars will be on the road. Of course, you must be willing to accept this form of transportation. Download the app, and choose if you want to offer rides or take a ride.

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