Those of you who are more technologically inclined will fall in love with this gadget. It makes for an awesome Christmas present or for great device to have in your home. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi will be releasing this month a do-it-yourself wireless router called MiWiFi that users will build themselves. The device will be housed in a slim and stylish housing, and it will have a port for mounting a 1 TB drive for storage purposes.

This device can act as your personal cloud if you hook it up to your home network and use it to share files across all your Internet enabled devices. While the idea is great, customers will have to posses some skills with the screwdriver in order to put this gadget together.

What’s included in the pack?


As mentioned, this gadget will be delivered in bits and pieces, and it’s up to the user to put it all together. The package contains all the parts, screws and a nice screwdriver, so you won’t need any additional hardware to get it working. Also included in the box you will find a 1 TB  Toshiba / Samsung small factor hard drive. Here is the complete list of parts included:

  • Printed circuit board with 802.11 ac dual band Wireless chip, a 1GHz dual core Broadcom CPU and 256 DDR3 RAM
  • Cooler for the processors
  • The body of the device (top, bottom and shell)
  • 1 TB small factor hard drive
  • Adapter for Gigabit Ethernet line (Category 6)
  • Anti-static gloves
  • Power Adapter
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • $30 Thunder Platinum membership card


The heart of the device is its motherboard, which has a lot of nice tech on it. For starters, the 1 GHz dual core processor will power the device, backed up by the 256 MB of DDR3 memory, while it’s wireless capabilities are  supplied by the dual band 802.11 ac adapter. Users will be able to install their own antennas if necessary and for other connectivity purposes, there are two LAN ports as well as two USB 2.0 ports,

All of these items will be delivered in an awesome looking wooden box with the registration number printed on the lid. This gadget will be a limited edition deal and only 500 of them will be made for the first sale. Xiaomi will have two other sales of the MiWiFi later on, depending on the demand.


As of now, there is no word on the pricing of the device, but from the looks of the packaging, the high quality of the components and the included Thunder Platinum membership card, it won’t be that cheap. The MiWiFi wireless router will come on sale on December 19th. For more information regarding the MiWiFi DIY router from Xiaomi, check out their website (Disclaimer: It’s in chinese)

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I often wonder, where is technology heading? What do all of these advances mean for us and for our future? I sometimes miss the days when I didn’t know how to use a floppy disk, or how a computer CPU works, but now, until I find an answer to my questions, I’ll keep tracking these advances and show everything I find to those who share my interests.