We’re entering the Christmas week and everybody is excited to track and see when will Santa bring presents. Others are eagerly awaiting the New Year’s Eve day to make some resolutions that they will see to keep for the upcoming year. As for our weekly roundup with the best new Android apps, it’s still here and you will find it in the same place for 2014, as well.

This time, we’ve got 15 new Android apps to share with you, and you will find such games as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Blocky Roads and apps to check the weather in style, connect with doctors when in need, transform your Android smartphone or tablet into a DJ station and even an app to manage your Linodes. All of them are below.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99)

grand-theft-auto-san-andreasThe popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has finally been released for Android users, after being initially available for iPhone and iPad owners. If you want to relive this classic game, you will have to pay seven bucks to get it, but you will get to play the famous open-world game that has been remastered. The high-resolution graphics has been built specifically for mobile. Also, the mobile version includes an enriched color palette and improved character models.

Razer Comms (Free) razer-comms-android

Razer is a brand that gamers from all over the world know and appreciate. That’s why the release of the Razer Comms Android app has been met with enthusiasm. By using the app, you will experience a free all-in-one communications solution for gamers, with crystal clear VoIP and instant messaging with group chat capabilities. It also comes with advanced in-game overlay functionality and cross-game chat support.

Dolphin Zero (Free)

dolphin-zeroMany of you know the Dolphin browser and are using it on your Android or iOS device. The Dolphin Zero is the private version of the Dolphin browser that has been recently released in the Play Store. By using the app, you can browse the web with the highest level of privacy. If you want to keep your personal information as safe as possible, use this browser as it will automatically delete data like browsing history, cache, passwords and cookies.

Blocky Roads (Free)

Blocky Roads is one of the best new toy-ish, Minecraft-like racing games for Android devices where you get to discover green hills, snowy mountains and desert dunes. You get to choose from one of the 9 cars available or you can even build your own car by using blocks. There are 12 tracks + 4 challenge and the option to customize your character. Blocky Roads also supports GameServices achievements and leaderboards.

Lingualia (Free)lingualia

If you want to learn languages from your Android device, then you should download the new Lingualia app right away. At the moment, there are only Spanish and English courses available, but more will make their way soon. Each course comes with more than 3,000 vocabulary words and expressions, 200+ different lessons, tons of grammar flashcards dialogues with images and audio and even an intelligent teacher.

Motorola Active Display (Free)

motorola-active-displayGoogle is releasing more and more Motorola-specific apps in the PlayStore and the latest one is Motorola Active Display. Available oly for Motorola devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, the Motorola Active Display Android will display what you need to know, when you need to know it. By using the app, you will no longer have to open your device to check the time or a notification.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave (Free)

hopeless-the-dark-caveAn Android game with great looking visual, Hopeless: The Dark Cave is about a bunch of glowing blobs that huddle in the dark, scared but armed. “Dark shadows creep in and they must react quickly – is it a friend or foe?” – the app description goes. You need to quickly tap the screen to shoot the monsters, but you also need to be careful not to shoot your friends. The goal is to survive as long as you can and defend as many blobs as you can. The funny part is that you let the blobs get too scared, they will actually kill themselves.

Linode Manager (Free)linode-manager

The official Linode Manager Android app is meant for IT professionals in order to access and administer Linodes from anywhere. By using the app you can create, remove, boot, and reboot Linodes, as well as access Linodes via SSH and Lish. Also, there are many other things that you can do such as resizing Linodes, keeping tabs on your Linodes’ performance with CPU, network, and IO utilization graphs, create and manage NodeBalancers and domain zones, access the complete Linode Library and even manage your Linode account and make payments.

Solar : Weather (Free)

solar-weatherWe have included the Solar : Weather app in a previous similar roundup that we did back in April for iPhone and iPad users. Now, the app, thanks to its iOS popularity, has been launched for Android users, as well. Being completely advertising-free, it comes with a 24 hour scrolling forecast feature and the GPS weather data is based on BestForecast by Wunderground.com which delivers accurate neighborhood forecasts. For U.S users, the current conditions data comes from over 42,000 weather stations and from more than 29,000 weather stations for international users.

Redirect File Organizer (Free)redirect-file-organizer

Organizing your files isn’t that difficult with the default tools in Android, but by using the Redirect File Organizer Android app, it becomes even easier. You just need to create a ‘Redirect/s’ inside your app and then it will automatically organise your files to the assigned folders. You can thus store your video and pictures, as well as your music in separate files. Even more, you can automatically manage files from your Internal Storage to SD Card and easily backup files.

KAMI ($0.99)

Another game in our weekly roundup of the best new Android apps and games, KAMI is an interesting brain and puzzle game that everybody can play. Described as beautiful and relaxing, thi handcrafted paper puzzle game comes with 63 unique puzzles and your mission is “deceptively simple” – you need to fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible. Are you up for the challenge?

Doctor  on Demand (Free)

doctor-on-demandDoctor on Demand is an Android app that will connect you to a real, US-licensed physician so you will be able to ask medical questions with full audio and video. However, while the app is free for use, you will have to pay $40 per call, which is considered an average amount. The app is said to be great for non-emergency issues like mild infections, sports injuries, pediatric questions and short-term prescriptions. Download it and make sure you don’t have to use it too often!

Lovely Rentals (Free)lovely-rentals

Renting, buying or selling properties is becoming more and more digitized, and the Lovely Rentals – Houses & Apts Android app by livelovely.com is one of the best choices at the moment. Use the app to easily search thousands of homes and apartments for rent with your free account. You also have the option to turn your searches into Alerts and get notified by push notification or email when new listings are available. The app is well-crafted and by using numbered and colored dots on the map you get to know how many listings are in each part of town and their timestamps.

Reddit Sync Classic (Free)

reddit-sync-classicThe Reddit Sync Classic is not among the first Reddit apps for Android devices, but it is among the best to be used. With a heavy redesign, the app is meant “for those who prefer the old reddit sync“. The great score that it has achieved in the Play Store that it is one of most appreciated apps by the Reddit community, so if you too happen to spend a lot of time on Reddit (we had the pleasure to interview the co-founder, by the way), then do check it out!

Cross DJ ($4.99)

Last, but not least, we have one of the few professional DJ apps available for Android users in the Play Store. Not the cheapest app around, but it comes with a plethora of features, such as accurate BPM detection, stable sync, Split Mono, Manual pitch & pitch bend, Beat-grid editing, Parallel waveforms mode, Quantize feature, Smart-seek and many others. You really need to check it out if you’re a professional DJ or just someone who likes to play around with music.

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