Vine is one of the most famous video-sharing cross platform applications on the market, besides YouTube. Everybody knows that the great thing about Vine is that all of the videos that are taken with this application have a maximum duration of 6 seconds. The good thing is that this could only foster your creativity more.

Usually, those who use this service do only simple things, such as posting a new video on their account with a comprehensive description, but if you want to really master it you should know that there are plenty things to do to gain followers. If you are one of those eager minds and you are searching for some good and useful tricks about Vine, this is your lucky day because in the following lines we will present some of Vine’s best tips and tricks.

Vine Tips and Tricks


Vine is an interesting application that was developed in the summer of 2012 by three friends who had the idea of creating a way to take short video clips. Due to its immediate success, Twitter bought the company and managed to make the app to be the most used video-sharing application in the market. It was initially launched for the iOS devices, but was later ported to Android and Windows Phone as well.

Master the Looping

The #loop hashtag is one of the most searched and popular hashtags on Vine. Then, if you want to have more followers you should definitely use this feature to create the best Vines among your friends. Basically, when you’ll press the play button on one of your videos it should look like everything repeats forever.

To be sure that you will obtain the perfect loop, your last frame should seamlessly flow towards the first one. Also, in order to create a good Vine take into consideration to shoot a motion that naturally repeats without any major gaps.

Stabilize your camera


Keep in mind to fix the camera into a special support or to position it on a flat surface to keep everything steady, because nothing is worse than a shaky camera. The best thing you can do to resolve this problem is to buy a tripod that will especially improve your stop motion videos.

Choose the tripod that suits your needs from the various options of immobile tripods or flexible ones or buy both of them, because they are designed for different purposes. Some of the most interesting options you may choose from, are the GorillaPod (more gadgets made by the same manufacturer can be found here), which can be bought for prices that start from $18 on Amazon, or the Dolly from iStabilizer ($59).

For more information about these kind of gadgets, go to the following article where we’ve already covered this aspect in greater detail.

Prevent Focusing the Wrong Object

A good example for Vine’s various features is the ability of auto-focusing the videos that you take. It may seem a very handy capability, but in fact it is a double-edged feature, because it is not always able to focus on the right part of the action. Because of this fact, whenever the focus will not be on the desired spot, you’ll have to pinch on the device’s screen in order to refocus on that particular part.

Be Careful with the Lighting


Another thing that is primordially when you prepare the set where you will shoot your movie is the light. Keep in mind that even if the video lasts for only 6 seconds, the light is a very important thing that you have to consider before starting to take the video.

Go outside to shoot your video or just position the set near to a luminous source or a window. Also, there are lots of useful and easy to use professional lights that can help you to create superior movies, like KLYP. Basically, this is a case that is directly mounted on an iPhone device, which allows users to attach other accessories to their smartphone.

A good example is the Manfrotto LED lights that when are mounted, they can easily improve the quality of your photos and videos by offering a beautiful HD light. From now on, you will be able to enjoy more realistic pictures, thanks to the capability of capturing more light.

For more information about where you can buy this product and which package suits your needs, visit their official website here.

Plan Everything

It’s well-known that you have a time limit for making a video on Vine and that you are not able to shoot a video using another app, which can be very frustrating for most users. You can try to record a screen while playing a video that you already filmed with another tool, but it is not really fair. If you want to make a great video on Vine, then you should plan everything ahead, so that nothing will go wrong.

When you think of a story that implies multiple shots, then you should figure them out ahead of time, because if you are not satisfied with a particular part, you must start over. In this case, you must pay lots of attention when you shoot your video and make sure that you’re doing this in sequence.

Master the Audio


You have to take into consideration that not only the visual part of your Vine is the one that matters, but also the sounds that are captured are very important and representative. The bad thing is that the built-in microphone of your smartphone is not the most qualitative one and it will also record disturbing ambient noise and other unwanted sounds. In this case, the best solution is represented by external microphones that can be equipped on your smartphone to acquire a clearer and better sound.

If you are searching for such of a product, then you should direct your attention to the iPhone Boom Mic and the S-Microphone.  They are two powerful accessories for your iPhone and Android devices that can easily boost the audio level with a dozen of dB. The iPhone Boom Mic can be found on the market at a price of $40, while the Android external mic is sold for €52.90.

Stop Motion

It’s a well-known fact that stop-motion requires a lot of work and it may be quite difficult for someone who is dealing with this concept for the first time. However, in case of a Vine video, stop motion can be very accessible, because it only has a few seconds. By using the stop motion Vines that are absolutely great and fun, you are able to create animations that may seem miraculous.

There are a few steps that you must follow with lots of attention. First of all, you have to be careful when you hold your phone, because it must stay very still. Secondly, you should place your subject and record it for maximum a quarter second. In the end, you have to rinse and do it again and you will see that with pretty basic knowledge and skills, your stop motion Vine will look incredible.

Use other Lenses


Equip your smartphone with other lenses in order to create better and stunningly videos. There lots of different manufacturers that realize this kind of accessories, but actually all of them are creating the following types of lenses: Wide Angle, Super Wide Angle, Fisheye, Macro and 2X Tele.

For example, if you choose to use the Wide Angle or the Super Wide Angle lenses you will be able to capture up to double the size of the normal field of view. Furthermore, the Fisheye lens will change the perspective of the photo by altering the field of view to only 165°.

A good example of a company that realizes all the above mentioned lenses is the iPro Lens System. They are specialized in this kind of work since 2011 when they began creating one of the most qualitative lenses that you can find on the market.

The lens are available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPad Mini devices in two different packages: the Starter Kick which is sold for $49 and the Trio Kit which can be bought for $229.00. If you are interested, just go to their official web store and choose the one that is especially designed for your smartphone.

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