The market for wearable devices is growing quickly with new interesting gadgets and devices. One such gizmo that caught our attention is SenseGiz Star, which is promoted as an all-in-one activity tracker and emergency notification device. There are plenty of fitness monitoring devices out there, but SenseGiz Star comes with some more features, such as alerting your contacts when you crash or when there’s an emergency.

sensegiz-fitness-monitorSenseGiz’s Star is a wearable smart tech product that is currently in the crowdfunding stage on IndieGoGo, seeking to raise $100,000. Star is a safety and activity tracker that you can wear as a smartwatch or attach as a clip. What makes it special is that there are no recurring monthly costs and that it can do quite a lot of things:

  • Call notification
  • Sleep and fitness monitor
  • Notifies when you need to exercise, drink water or take pills
  • Music control
  • Gesture control of smartphones
  • Clock
  • Facebook, Twitter notifications
  • Automatic fall/crash alert
  • Emergency button

Star will keep track of your number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned and thanks to its 24/7 monitor, it will also track your sleep patterns. If this project will reach its funding goal, then SenseGiz will release two free apps for Android and iOS users. The apps will be essential to the functionality of the device because when it will detect crash-level forces, it will audibly alert your emergency contacts by using the app.

sensegiz-star-fitness-trackerReceiving audio notifications is much more helpful than a text-message, email or just a push notification as it calls for immediate action. There’s also a manual emergency contact button that the wearer can press when he feels sick, he thinks somebody is stalking him or in any other situation he thinks is dangerous.

Because the device is now a crowd-funded project, you can get it for a really good price – $12 for two SenseGiz accessories in any color and $79 for early backers who choose to buy a SenseGiz Star fitness tracker. The device will retail for $120 post the indiegogo campaign.

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