Have you missed our weekly Android roundup with the best new apps from the Google Play Store? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that for the past week, we have once again managed to find 10 of the best new Android apps that you can download and install right away on your Android smartphones and tablets. You can also check the previous roundup, as well.

For this week, we have plenty interesting new Android games, with RoboCop being probably the most important one. Also, in the list you will find a beautiful Twitter client, an app coming from the American Red Cross, a handy one that combines the clock functionality with your tasks and some more.

RoboCop (Free)robocop-best-android-apps

The official RoboCop movie hasn’t yet launched, but the game is already here. You play as Alex Murphy, the dead cop that gets “resurrected” by OmniCorp as part-man, part-robot police officer. Your mission will be to battle human crooks, robot enemies and you will also be able to use drone strikes and upgrade your weapons and robotic suit.

Talon for Twitter ($1.99)

talon-for-twitterTwitter clients aren’t a novelty in the Play Store, but Talon for Twitter is one that you need to have a look at. Built especially for Android 4.4 (KitKat), it comes with full screen (translucent) layouts and stunning animations and more! Besides the traditional Twitter features, you can customize its layouts, the base themes, the text sizes and modify notification settings as per your needs. So, if you were on the lookout for an awesome third-party Twitter client, Talon might be a good solution.

LYNE ($2.50) lyne

Lyne is that type of Android games that are incredibly simple and easy to play, perfectly suitable for those moments when you have to wait for the train or the cab to arrive. Touted as a “minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul”, Lyne is all about connect shapes and filling the board. Believe me, it might sound boring, but it definitely isn’t

12Hours (Free)

12-hours12Hours for Android is a beautiful app that mixes the functionality of an analog clock with a daily planner. With a masterfully crafted design, it represents a analog clock widget which automatically gets all your calendar events in the next 12 hours. You will be able to see them marked as separate zones on a clock. This is an incredibly simple and useful concept, that it makes you wonder why nobody has thought about it before. Just have a look at your clock and see what are the available tasks for the next 12 hours.

Pirate Dawn ($0.99)pirate-down

If as a small kid you dreamed of being a pirate, now you can become one by using your Android smartphone or tablet. Pirate Dawn is a great looking open world pirate role playing game featuring high-end 3D graphics and tactical real-time combat. At the moment the app contains only 7 missions, but there will be 5 more added in a future update. Dead men tell no tales!

YouSnap (Free)

you-snapThe YouSnap app has been launched in the PlayStore by CyberLink.com and it lets you capture notes from meetings and presentations. You can later on save the as PDF or JPG files, share them via email or Facebook. Use the app to capture live presentation slides and turn them into PDFs, save meeting and whiteboard notes and digitize documents. So, now you don’t have to download multiple apps for every purposes as this one encompasses them all.

Archangel ($1.99)archangel

Archangel is a new Android game with great visuals and controls where your mission as an Archangel is to fight against the forces of evil. You will fight your way across 30 levels of intense fight and there will be more than 100 items that you will collect, along with unique spells and abilities to improve your character. The game also comes with support for the Google Play Game Services, so with your achievements you will be able to have a place on the leadeboards.

Swim by American Red Cross (Free)

swimThe American Red Cross Swim app for Android devices will lelp your child become a confident swimmer as it will bring the 100 year old Learn to Swim program right at your disposal. By using the app, you can locate the nearest Learn to Swim facility, see performance charts with, keep track of the learning progress with digital achievements and also watch lid tailored video, quiz and safety content. By answering correctly in the quizzes, kids will be awarded with badges for their knowledge.

WePopp (Free)wepopp

WePopp is a new Android app that will help you plan your next get-together with friends, be it in a restaurant, bar or maybe it’s a dinner or even a trip. There are countless emails, texts and phone calls that we often have to make before arriving to a consensus, so this app wants to help you overcome all that.

Glooko (Free)

glookoGlooko has started as a web application to make diabetes management easier and it has now been made availabe for Android users, as well, with the release of the official app. Whether you are a person with diabetes, a clinician, or a disease management organization, then this app will prove to be highly useful to you. You will be able to download and view glucose readings, use the food database to quickly record meals and carbohydrates values and have access to plenty other useful features.

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