Head-mounted devices no longer belong to the “future”, as new projects keep appearing thanks to such crowd-funding platforms like KickStarter. Not to mention the plethora of other smart glasses among which Google’s own Glass device is perhaps the most notorious one. Today we present you Glyph, an impressive head-mounted device that acts as a mobile personal theater.

It seems that Glyph will be amongst the top funded projects on Kickstarter, as it has managed to reach the $250,000 funding goal in only four hours; impressive indeed. At the moment of writing this, there were 1,199 backers with a total funding sum of more than $581,000 and 28 more days to go. Glyph was available for $499, but now the lowest price that you can get is $549. Perhaps one of the factors that lead to this amazing success is the fact that Avegant has first introduced it at this year’s Consumers Electronics Show.

avegant-glyphGlyph comes with a good looking pair of high-end headphones along with a headband that can transform into an immersive display. And as you can see for yourself, the device really looks futuristic. Avegant, the company behind Glyph, has developed a new display technology which it calls the “Virtual Retina Display”. The images are projected images directly onto the retina thanks to a complex array of LEDs and mirrors.

glyph-head-mounted-mobile-theaterEd Tang, the co-founder of the project, said that this new display technology is meant to reproduce the way our eyes work in real life, which ensures a more realistic viewing experience. A special attention as been given to the sound, as the device supports any audio or video source, such as your Xbox, smartphone or other devices thanks to its HDMI/HML cable.

It also comes with a 3-axis Gyro, accelerometer, and a digital magnetometer for head-tracking support. And Avegant says that this is just the beginning

The future of content possible with the Glyph is limitless. Imagine directors being able to produce 360° movies where you can not only watch actors interact in a cafe but look around the environment as the story unfolds around you. Imagine integrating an LTE chip into the Glyph and making calls straight from your headset. Imagine integrating a camera on the front of the visor and clicking a button to see not just the world in front of you but ultraviolet and infrared signatures in real time.

The device weighs 16oz, has a microphone and comes in white, black or blue colors. According to the specs, the onboard battery provides a 3 hour runtime, which is a small downside for me. Let’s hope that they will improve this in the future. What do you think of such devices – are they scary or they shape a future where our lives will be completely interconnected with technology?

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