We are back with this week’s edition of PC apps. While not many apps received updates this week, many handy tools did pop up and caught our attention.

This week we’ll get you a folder explorer, a free proxy tool which has endless things to offer, an app which won’t let your computer overheat, and a tool that lets you edit the timestamp. Without further adieu, let’s dive right into it.

PC Software

Folder Size 3 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 2.5 MB)


Folder Size 3 shows you how much size a particular file and folder is hogging in your device. It also lets you visualize your hard-drive’s data in terms of bars and pie charts. There are many enticing features including “filter” that requires you to purchase the app, but surprisingly work even if you are using the free version. The navigation across folders is pretty slick as well, and features like “scan in multiple locations” makes this app a worth try.

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 4 MB)


ChrisPC has been shelling out some pretty useful apps recently. One such app which caught our attention was its Anonymous Proxy tool. Whether you are trying to access otherwise geographically blocked content, want to catch up with social networking websites from work, or just don’t want to reveal your identity, proxy tools have become a must have for most of us.

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy much like any other proxy does the work as advertised. Along with the basic features, it also packs some very lucrative functionality such as blocking adverts, stopping trackers from spying on you, and letting you choose the server you would like to loop from. It’s fast, and if you can get away with some text adverts, I can’t think of any other reason why you shouldn’t be using this app.

TThrottle (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 11 MB)


As your system grows old, the temperature units change from warm to hot, and overheating becomes a more pronounced issue. TThrottle is an application that helps you keep check on the temperature of your system. In brief, the application automatically closes the apps which are making your system hot. You get to set how hot an application can make your system, and as soon as it crosses that threshold, TThrottle suspends it. Cool, right?

Easy Clipboard Organizer (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 12 MB)


Windows’ built-in Clipboard is no slouch at doing what it is supposed to do, but at the same time it has limited functionality. If you fancy more features, then you can take Easy Clipboard Organizer for a ride. It keeps a record of up to 100 entries, something which can come really handy. Interestingly, if you copy an image to the clipboard, it also remembers information like its size, dimension and file format.

SKTimeStamp 1.3.4 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 250 KB)

For some reason, Windows gives quite a lot of importance to timestamps. It keeps a record of when the file was created, when it was last modified and other such information. So if for some reason, for instance, if you don’t want your professor to know that you completed the assignment at 4 in the morning on the day of submission, this application will let you edit that kind of information.

Browser extension and Web Services

Hemingway App (Online service)


Regardless of the field you are in, it is very unlikely that you haven’t heard of Ernest Hemingway, the legendary author and journalist. Inspired by his style of writing, HemingwayApp beautifies your writing. And unlike, many other tools and services, whatsoever limited number of them are there, HemingwayApp actually works! It analyzes and evaluates your writing, suggests if you should make your writing simpler, and also notifies you if your writing is stale and repetitive. It is free and available as an online service. But you can expect a $5 PC client soon.

Script Defender (Opera)

An extension for Opera browser, Script Defender blocks adverts, irritating pop-ups, plug-ins and every other common annoyance that Internet has offered you. You can also maintain a Whitelist to mention the sites you won’t mind seeing ads on.

Restart My Fox (Firefox)

Things start lagging when you have too many tabs open on your Firefox browser. To make things simpler, this add-on adds an entry to Firefox (also, on File Menu) to restart the browser in a click. The best part is, that when you restart it restores all the tabs.

Extension Defender (Firefox)

We recently heard about the presence of adware(s) at the Chrome Store, thus, it won’t be going out of the way to think that Firefox’s Add-on Store also shelters such malicious plugins. Extension Defender is an add-on for Firefox which makes sure that no such rogue tool can make its way to your browser.

Chrome Connectivity Diagnosis (Chrome)

If there is a website which isn’t loading properly, this extension will help you find out the reason behind it. It can also check how good your connection is, and if any other app, or even the system’s Firewall is causing trouble.

Software updates


Skype got a major update this week, and has brought along some enticing new features. Now you can add people to your list from the People page. You can turn off audio notifications, if that has been bothering you, and you can also sort the list to see just the people who are available at the moment.

Other than Skype, Paint.NET received an update, there isn’t anything new, except most of its features have been ironed out.

Tip of the week: Windows Phone 8.1 SDK is just a few searches away

This may not please everyone, but if you have a Windows Phone, the SDK of the much longed for Windows Phone 8.1 leaked on to the web this past week. If you are an app developer you can have the 2.36 GB-in-size ISO image file, which contains the emulator of Windows Phone 8.1. You will need Visual Express to run the app, though. For legal reasons, we won’t drop its link here, but a Google search will land you on that file-hosting website as well. The new version of Windows Phone packs in some really exciting features.

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