Mogees is a really cool musical gadget that uses contact microphone and gesture recognition to create music on just about any surface that can come to your mind. It turns everyday objects into unique and powerful musical instruments, thanks to the piezoelectric effect which turns vibrations into electric signals. The gadget has been around for a while, but now it is finally available for purchase through the crowd-funding campaign that they have started on KickStarter.
You can plug the contact microphone on any surface and it will then process sounds from unique gestures which will trigger the appropriate instrument in its database. Mogees can even recognize the difference between fingers and objects. With one of these gadget, it you would make quite an impression in public; just that you might get some confused looks in return.
The free companion app for Mogees will come with the following features: sounds presets, the free mode to improvise on your own, the song mode to play and re-interpret your favorite tunes, the capture function to capture the natural sound properties of your gestures and backing track. There will also be a Pro app that will come with acoustic properties, remote mode and DMX control.
The Mogees project has been founded by Bruno Zamborlin and Norbert Schnell and they are now looking to get 50,000 pounds in funding. The device will work only when paired with your smartphone or tablet, and at the moment you can buy the Mogees Classic for iOS or Android at $65 which is the cheapest version. The price includes worldwide shipping, as well. Those buying the iOS version should get it by the end of August, this year, while Android users will have to wait until November.

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