We’ve heard lots of rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S5, which is all set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, next week. While Samsung was pretty discreet about what new smartphone will pack, some of its features have seen the light of day. One of them is the fingerprint scanner which will unlock the device, but as you’ll see, there’s more to it than you might think.

Bloomberg reported that credible sources have said that the new device will have a bigger screen and some other upgrades, but at the same time, there is the possibility that the S5 will have a lower launch price than previous Galaxy S models. While there’s still no concrete information regarding price or technical specs, it’s safe to assume that the new Samsung flagship smartphone will be a very powerful gadget, aimed at the high-end market.

Samsung’s improved fingerprint scanner


While companies like Apple and HTC have already implemented fingerprint scanners in their devices, Samsung is taking the concept one step further. The Galaxy S5 will have its scanner located in the Home button (from this, we can see that the device will not have soft-buttons, but the traditional Samsung design), and the user will have to  swipe across it for the device to recognize the user’s fingerprint.

A new feature that the S5 will have is the ability to save up to 8 fingerprints, which the user can assign to different areas, like the new Personal Folder and Private Mode, or for different apps and shortcuts. The Personal Folder and Private Mode have the task to safely hide files, folder or widgets which the owner wants to keep private. Verification to your Samsung account is also done with the fingerprint scanner, but at the same time, users can also swipe their fingers across the Home button to sign in to other websites, eliminating the need to remember passwords.

One thing to keep in mind when you set up your Galaxy S5 is the fact that the sensor will be sensitive to humidity, so unlocking the device with wet fingers will only result in an error. Also, a real-time view of the user’s fingerprint will be shown on the screen while scanning. More information on how the fingerprint scanner works will be revealed after the Samsung Unpacked 5 event next week.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to have a bigger screen

Bloomberg has reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a bigger and sharper, 5.2 inch screen as well as improved camera. Integration with the new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch, and better battery autonomy have also been mentioned. Alas, not much is know about the specs of the Galaxy S5, so more on this topic will come once the device is actually unveiled.

In order to keep Samsung in the game when it comes to high end smartphones, the company will need to add more than just powerful components to their device, as users are keen on top notch software features. We shall be at MWC 2014 in Barcelona next week. Stay tuned to hear more.

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