It’s amazing how ingenious and diverse gadgets are becoming thanks to crowd-funding platforms. A new such gizmo is the First Sign Hair Clip, touted as the first automatic security system against violent crimes. At the moment of writing this, they have reached half of their funding goal of $50,000. Designed for women, this smart hair clip can be worn in the hair or clipped on clothing.


It works with a mobile application that will automatically call for help and will collect evidence by filming in emergency situation. It has an accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, so it can sense when an impact occurs, such as a punch, slap, kick or an aggressive shake. When this dangerous behavior is detected, it will activate the microphone and the camera, collecting evidence that will be used to prosecute the attackers.

The First Sign Hair clip also connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth to collect more evidence and can even activate the phone’s speaker to warn the attacker that “evidence has been collected and help is on the way”. Of course, this smart hair clip can mistakenly interpret some sudden, unexpected moves as a potential attack situation. For that, there is a 15-second window to deactivate it in case of  false alarm.


According to the founders of this smart gadget, 1 in 3 women will be assaulted in their lifetime and many of their attackers will never be caught, let alone prosecuted. Traditional self security options like stun guns lack the ability to record what’s happening around the person that is in danger. Also, there’s the element of surprise, so you won’t have time to take out your pepper spray or knife to protect yourself. And if we’re talking about somebody who wants to steal your bag, then he won’t even have to hurt you, as he’s looking to steal your valuables.

The cheapest version of the First Sign Hair Clip is currently available on IndieGoGo for only $50, but it lacks the monitoring service. For $75, you will get one smart hair clip and one year of monitoring. More expensive options already include fashion covers, if you want to make it look nicer. What do you think about this gadget, would you be interested in buying one? Do you think it is a practical solution?


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