If you were wondering about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 or its launch at the next week’s Mobile World Congress, this video by Samsung should explain a lot.

The long awaited Samsung flagship smartphone was rumored to arrive at MWC 2014, and finally Samsung has confirmed its existence. In the video, Samsung shares details about the next edition of the smartphone, and boasts about the several aspects of life that it will be enhancing. The video uses the following words to surmise the feeling of the phone and fully exhibit the features of life that it touches: together, explorer, curiosity, dad, peace, wet, free, family, victory, connect, party, relax, create, surprise, focus, alive, stand-out, social, outdoor, moment, brother, courage, play, concert, hangout, ride, selfie, flip, talent, dream, speed, fit, fun, humor, style, you, and life.

Some of the taglines actually add fuel to the rumors regarding the phone which we have been hearing about for the last couple of months, For instance, ‘speed’ probably refers to a faster, next generation processor. Galaxy 5 was expected to adopt to a 64-bit computing processor, ever since the day Apple packed that giant in their new iPads.


The ‘wet’ feature hints towards a waterproof device, whereas a bunch of them including ‘dad’, ‘family’, ‘together‘ and ‘peace’ suggest a child mode, or may be a separate account for kids.

While, ‘focus’, ‘selfie’, ‘moment’ hint at a better camera in the offing, and a more useful software to enhance it.

Unfortunately, none of the pleasing words hints anything about a 2k display, longer battery, or the touch sensor.

What we know so far about Samsung Galaxy S5

Multiple rumors suggest that the device will have a 2.5 GHz Quad-Core processor, just above 5-inch display, 3 gigs of RAM and 20 MP camera. On the display front, the device might possess qHD Super AMOLED screen and a humongous 3000-mAH battery to power the device.

@Evleaks, who has a pretty decent track record of being spot on with the rumors, suggested the magazine Metro-esque UI elements on top. We did see those in Samsung’s recent tablets.

The Challenge

With Galaxy S5, Samsung has a lot of questions to answer.

  • What Software will the device be running?
  • When Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, some believed the deal had something to do with Samsung – or its juggernaut market share, to be more precise. Things were not going so great between Google, and the OEM which sells the majority of its Android devices. Some even speculated that Google didn’t like the Metro-esque interface and magazine style apps Samsung introduced in its NotePro tablets at CES last month. So with Motorola out of the equation, can we expect more, if not pure Android experience?

Samsung needs to prove that it isn’t a mere copycat.

To put this politely, innovation hasn’t been Samsung’s stronger suit in the past. The company has been sued by Apple for several dozens of patents. This is their chance to shell out something which isn’t just a jaw-dropping better iteration of what we have already seen, but be innovative too. Surprise us, show us something we haven’t seen anywhere.


“The Next Galaxy” is coming on Monday, February 24th at the Mobile World Congress. We will be there live to cover the story. So you now know where to check for the latest news about SGS5.

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