Huawei also enters the fitness game with the TalkBand B1, a device which blends the sporty advantages of other gadgets like the FitBit Force, with the advantages of Bluetooth wireless calling. Yes, that’s right, when the Shenzen-based manufacturer will actually launch this wonder, users are going to enjoy the advantage of placing a call right from their wrist, through the use of a matching Bluetooth 4.1 earpiece.

Available in China, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Latin America and various other parts of Europe from March 2014, the Huawei TalkBand B1 comes equipped with a 1.4-inch flexible OLED display and several fitness-related features. For instance, future owners can use this baby to monitor sleep phases and ensure they will wake up at the optimum phase, without having to feel the effects of a heavy sleep pattern.



Returning to the fitness segment, the TalkBand B1 has the ability of tracking steps, the total distance traveled and the number of calories burned in a training session.

That special feature we mentioned above, about placing calls without actually touching your smartphone, is something that’s going to be accomplished through a Bluetooth 4.1 earpiece which is delivered in the package. The synchronization process will support Android 2.3 (or higher) and also iOS 5.0 or better (sorry Windows Phone). The sync will also use NFC to complete.

In matters of design and coloring, the gadget will be sold in white, black, gray, neon-blue, red and spicy green. As with any other fitness band, the material used is a rubber-born compound, which makes the bracelet comfortable to wear and also resistant to low water splashes.

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