We’re here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and things are crazy, as always. Sony, as expected, has unveiled the Xperia Z2 smartphone and the Xperia Z2 tablet with absolutely awesome specs. Besides this, we have seen the Japanese company release the mid-range Xperia M2 smartphone, as well. Also, Sony has showcased the SmartBand SWR10 which, albeit was presented at CES in Las Vegas, there weren’t too many details about it at the time.


The market of wearable devices is experiencing a steady and pretty fast growth, and Sony has wisely decided not to ignore this trend. For that, the Japanese company has created a new category of products, called SmartWear. One of the first devices to get launched on the market will be the SmartBand SWR10, a waterproof fitness tracking devices that comes with features which makes it more of a smart watch actually: sleep monitoring, vibrating notification alerts, and remote control of media playback.


We don’t know yet its price, but back at CES, Sony said that the device would cost around 99 euros. Sony likes to boast with the waterproof feature of its devices, and it’s crafted really well in the SmartBand, as well. Despite coming with a open USB port, it has received IP 58 certification, the ultimate standard in waterproof certification for such devices.

The device will be initially available in black, and later on in a variety of vibrant colors, including a special limited edition to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sony has also demoed on stage the Lifelog application which is an interesting idea, but not one that I’m too fond of. To put it briefly, it is a tracking tool that attaches media to your location and activities.

Lifelog application – Communication and entertainment, staying on top of the things that matter to you Sony’s innovative new Lifelog application binds the SmartWear Experience together, enabling you to discover your past, enjoy your present and helping inspire your future. Together with SmartBand, the Android app enables you to effortlessly capture life and entertainment – places visited, music listened to, games played, books read – and presents it a beautifully visual interface.

It will be interesting to see how the market of wearable devices will evolve if Apple decides to finally unveil the iWatch. Now that Samsung has announced the next-generation of its Galaxy Gear devices and that Huawei has also put on the market their own smartwatch, it will be very hard for Cupertino to ignore this any longer.

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