After this year’s CES & MWC, and another full year of interesting unveilings, we’ve lived the days to see smartwatches that can track our movement and guide us through our fitness habits. Moreover, we’ve witnessed creations like the Huawei TalkBand and Samsung’s Gear Fit  blend the boundaries of a regular smartwatch and a new-age fitness tracker. Little we knew that short after, something like Moov will come along and steal their wind.

A pioneer of its time, Moov crosses the barriers by offering real-time interactive coaching, performance tracking, injury prevention and even form monitoring, thanks to it’s simple, but exhaustive 3D-motion sensing technique. The cherry on the top is that this intelligent wearable also comes with audio instructions and support for at least five different sports. Did I mention that it’s also tiny, chic, and waterproof?


Meet Moov – the only fitness wearable you’re going to need

Now that I’ve managed to catch your interest, you must know that Moov is actually a revolutionary concept of a virtual trainer, which pairs with an intelligent and fancy smartphone application, compatible with iOS only at this stage. Available to pre-order for just $59.95, with a delivery schedule set for this summer, Moov can help those who like movement in the following sports: running, cycling, swimming, boxing and weight-lifting.

The very nature of Moov makes it very flexible, even for a wearable trinket, and future owners can take advantage of this by actually wearing the device in different ways, depending on their daily routine. For instance, those who like to go out for a jog can actually strap the gadget onto their feet, and it will automatically measure usual parameters, such as distance traveled and speed, while also taking a look into how much of your shoe’s bottom surface is actually hitting the ground. From here, Moov will initiate analysis and help you prevent injuries, by advising you to fully use the absorbing material of the sneaker and also, indicate a more adequate posture.

The marvel doesn’t stop here, as Moov can also be worn at your wrist, while swimming or boxing. In this case, the gadget will measure if your arm’s swing needs improving or how many punches have you managed to throw in an hour. In weight-lifting, users can actually link the belt to their weight, and let it measure how well the training is going.

Every bit of information analyzed by Moov is then rendered through a stylish mobile application, from which detailed feedback is just a click away. Those who need instant advices can also take advantage of the virtual audio coach, which broadcasts orders faster than an angry army sergeant. Speaking of orders, Moov also likes to take care of your body’s form, and will annoyingly tell you to workout in case you forget.

Another thing I liked about this new-age contraption is its flexibility in operation. As I mentioned above, designers will support five sports at the moment of launch. Afterwards, individual developers can elaborate and bring compatibility to an even wider range of habits, and my best bets are yoga, golf and why not, rowing. Considering the success of this kind of devices, and the on-going innovation brought into market by gadgets such as GOQii, the sky is truly the limit.

Developed by an ex-Apple employee, at this moment Moov is in a crowdfunding stage which completed its initial goal in just 90 minutes. After summer, when the product will be fully released, a single unit will set you back $120. Yep, you should probably hurry to get one right now.

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