When it comes to home automation, we’ve seen plenty of interesting devices and have compiled them into our collection of some of the best such Internet of Things gadgets. But Ring is something different – a new ingenious device that lets you do a bunch of stuff just by writing patterns in the air. Currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Ring has managed to get the support of almost 3,500 backers, who pledged more than $580, 000; which is much more than the initial goal of $250,000. And at the time of writing this, there were still 28 days to go.


The Ring works by connecting to your device, an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running iOS 7, Android 4.4 and Windows Phone, via the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. After that, you can use Ring on your hand to start inputting text and controlling mobile apps via gestures. At the moment, the device has four main features – gesture control which lets you control home appliances and apps; text transmission which recognizes the text that you gesture; payment information transmission allows to pay for bills by gesturing the amount and the function which lets you receive transmissions, alerts, vibrations thanks to the built-in vibration and LED.

The work in this project has been going on for at least two years, with efforts being focused on the improvement of the accuracy and power saving features. So, how exactly do you open an application? Simple, you just need to gesture the unique gesture mark assigned for a certain app and it will magically open. To open the message app, you will need to draw the pattern of a letter in the air. However, if you want, you can change the marks as per your own choices.

What’s really impressive about the device and the thing that made so many back it up so quickly is probably the fact that the device seems to be so accurate. The smart folks behind Ring have developer their own letter recognition software called Ring Font which makes sure that Ring recognizes the letters that you type. You can use Twitter, Facebook, send texts, change TV channels, pay for bills and many other functions. For that, Logbar, the company behind Ring, is offering developers the right tools to create new apps which will be available for download in the upcoming Ring store.

The Ring device will be available in six different sizes, but it would be really awesome if there would be models in other colors, as well. Ring comes with a rechargeable battery, of course, and it’s said to hold up to 1000 charges. Logbar is also working on improving the mobile battery stand with the Micro USB Cable.

You can still get the Ring for a special price of $165, which also includes the stand and the USB cable. This is a limited crowd-funding price, because once it hits retail, it will likely have a bigger price tag. You will be able to get your Ring device in July 2014 if you are from the United States, Europe, Japan, and China.


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