We never get tired of pointing out how the most addictive games in cell town tend to depend more on gameplay and simplicity, rather than posh graphics and effects. The likes of Temple Run, Cut the Rope and Angry Bird (and aye, even the short-lived Flappy Bird) have proved this, and today, it is the turn of yet another simple-but-we-cannot-get-enough-of-this-game to dominate our handsets – only iPhones and iPads for the time being.


The game is called Smash Hit and it comes from the house of Mediocre AB, the folks whose past gaming sins include the super addictive Sprinkle and Granny Smith. And Smash Hit is right up there with those worthies in terms of sheer stickability. The game is a runner, but you never really get to see who’s running. You have a first person perspective and your sole reason for existence is well, throwing balls. Yes, you heard that right – you are traveling through an area riddled with obstacles and you have to keep throwing balls at them to break your way through. There is no navigation whatsoever, so forget about tilting your device this way and that. Your main task is to ensure that you do not run out of …er…balls, to throw at obstacles. Hitting an obstacle depletes your ball balance by ten!

Fortunately there are ways to replenish your stack of…well, spherical hurlable objects (you start out with 25). Dotted along your path of passage are a number of cone-shaped crystals. Hurl a ball at them and if you smash them, well you get three extra spheres to throw. And that is the game in a nutshell – you move in a set path, obstacles come at you, you break them, you make sure you do not run out of spheres by breaking crystals. Breaking an obstacle or a crystal cone is as simple as tapping on them. Sounds simple? Not quite when you are actually in the game, as your speed of travel varies and obstacles change shape and mobility. Spend a few minutes in the game and you will find yourself tapping frantically to smash crystals, pick up bonuses (one of which lets you throw a chain of spheres at one go), unlock obstacles (some open only if you lob a ball at a switch), and desperately hoping that your collection of spheres does not run out. And you have to time your throws right, or else even if you do manage to tap on the crystal or button on question, your ball will fall short or go wide. You move from room to room, in decidedly eerie settings, and there are dozens of rooms to go through. The further you get in your path of ball-istic destruction, the better.

The game is free to play and you can cough up USD 1.99 to ensure that you start your new journey from a saved checkpoint, but honestly we think it is loads of fun to play even in free mode, when you have to start your journey from scratch. The graphics are pretty decent, if appropriately eerie and the music and sound (especially that of shattering glass) are a treat for the ears. Absolutely smashing, we think. Download. Enjoy.

Note of confession: The author tried very hard to avoid saying the plural of ball to avoid causing offense or inadvertent misunderstandings in the text!

Available from: iTunes App Store
Price: Free


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