It’s Monday here and you probably know what we’ve got in store for you Android users, right? That’s correct – our weekly roundup with some of the best new Android apps that recently made their way on the Google Play Store. I hope you haven’t missed our previous list where we have featured such titles as Colin McRae Rally, RealPlayer Cloud, Opera Max and others.

For this week, we have a good mix between games and apps, and also between free and paid titles. You will find below more details about the much-awaited Pebble app, the new awesome game Shadow Blade, Samsung’s new Milk Music streaming service, Adobe Revel and some more!

Pebble (Free)pebble-android

Pebble needs no introduction, as its two devices: the original Pebble and Pebble Steel, are among the most known devices in the smartwatch industry. But only now did the official Pebble smart watch app got launched in the Play Store. Use it to received alerts of incoming calls, emails, messages and others. The app will let you browse, find, and install watchapps and watchfaces for Pebble as they will be grouped by category: notifications, fitness, daily use, tools & utilities, remotes, and games. By using the Watchapp locker function, you can store your favorite Pebble watchapps when you’re not using them.

Adobe Revel (Free)

adobe-revel-androidAdobe’s new Revel Android app is a photo storing tool that lets you share family photos confidently, since access to your library of photos and videos is restricted. Your pictures are secure, backed up in the cloud, synchronized across devices and available only to your family. The free version of Revel allows for an unlimited number of photos and videos uploaded in the first month. Afterwards, there are only 50 photos and videos that you can upload for free. A Revel Premium subscription costs $5.99 per month and gets you unlimited storage.

QuizUp (Free)quiz-up-android

One of the most popular trivia games in the world, QuizUp, has finally been made available for Android users. Touted as “the largest real-time trivia game ever”, it lets you challenge your friends and connect with other players in a cotest with over 200,000 questions spread throughout 400 topics, such as TV Shows, Books, Movies, Sports, Games, Music, General Knowledge, Art, Business, Science, Geography, History, Education, Lifestyle. Even if you don’t win, the good part is that you get to learn new things.

SmashHit (Free)

smash-hit-androidAnother incredibly simple game with a lot of downloads and positive ratings – yes, we’re talking about SmashHit. As the name suggests, your job consists in … smashing things. The game is about smashing your way through a “beautiful futuristic dimension”, as you’ll encounter obstacles and targets in your path. There are over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, along with realistic glass-breaking mechanics and musically synchronized gameplay. While it’s available as a free download, like many similar games, it comesĀ  with inside-app purchases to enhance your experience.

BroApp ($1.99)bro-app-android

An ingenious new Android app that also makes you laugh when you get to know more about it, BroApp wants to be “your clever relationship wingman”, as it automatically messages your girlfriend ‘sweet things’ while you get to spend more time with the Bros, meaning, your friends. All you have to do is to select your girlfriend’s number, add some sweet messages, and set the timeĀ  when you want the app to send the messages. However, I do agree that the app is somewhat misogynistic and it might raise some concerns among the female audience.

Samsung Milk Music (Free)

milk-music-androidThere are quite a lot of music streaming services out there, but Samsung feels there’s room for just one more. The new Milk Music app for Android is a free radio service, which shows no advertisements at all for a limited time. With a really great design that I personally think resembles iOS 7, the app brings more than 200 genre stations from a music library of over 13 million songs. You must be wondering – all this music for free? Of course, there’s a catch – the app is exclusively available for Samsung Galaxy owners. Could this be yet another freebie effort to sell the Galaxy S5?

Deadlings (Free)deadlings-android

Games, games, games – we never get too old for them, ain’t that so? Welcome Deadlings, a new Android game described as having a side-scrolling, arcade gameplay which even has a sense of humor. The game has a pretty funny subject – Death gets lonely because it has no friends and decides to train zombie minions inside a laboratory. There are over 100 challenging levels that you will be able to complete in two gameplay modes: strategy and arcade. Play in four different worlds and try to complete Project Deadlings and successfully train all of your zombie minions. ($4.99) is one of the most used tools to learn Yoga around the world, allegedly having more than seven million users across all its mobile platforms. After releasing a Windows 8 app, the Android version is now here and brings 289 poses and breathing exercises in HD video, 37 yoga programs and three-dimensional muscle images for every pose, which is really cool. If you are looking for specific exercises, you can filter by skill level, fitness goal or by type.

Shadow Blade (Free)shadow-blade-android

As a kid, I remember that I was mesmerized by ninjas and I had such a lot of fun playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nintendo. Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game where you play as Kuro, a young man who must find teachings of the last remaining ninja master. There are many challenging levels, countless traps, and enemies in your path. The game will also work on your Android tablet, so get out your sword and start fighting!

Pacific Fleet ($5.99)

The most expensive title in our list, Pacific Fleet is a really awesome Android game which lets you experience a a detailed simulation of the naval warfare during World War II. The game comes with stunning full 3D graphics, historically accurate ships, aircraft, weapons and 90 combat zones. You can choose to play as the US Pacific Fleet or Imperial Japanese Navy, in Single Battle or Multiplayer Hotseat modes, 44 achievements, 17 playable ships and 8 playable aircrafts await for its commander.

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