It’s time for this week’s supplement featuring all the nice apps and extensions that have popped up. In today’s segment we’re trying to make your browser a bit faster, your system a bit more secure, and talking about Microsoft’s new Bing Save feature.

This week we’ve a tool that lets you temporarily make your computer (and files and folders) secure from all changes. We’ll also speed-up your reading, let you know when someone has read your email, and find you a browser which is as fast as Chrome but gives more attention to privacy.

Free Software

ToolWiz Timefreeze (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 2.4 MB)


Arguably one of the best apps I have come across in recent times, ToolWiz Timefreeze is an app we could all make use of. It essentially creates a virtual environment on which any software that you install, or anything that you do with your computer during that session, won’t really do any damage to it. In addition, you also get an option where you can protect your files. The folder will be visible, but until you unlock it, no one will be able to run or edit the file.

SRWare Iron (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 52 MB )


If you love Google Chrome, but hate its privacy policies, there is a special browser for you. Based on the Chromium project, SRWare Iron fixes its privacy concerns, particularly the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions, apart from doing everything else that Chrome is capable of. You can install add-ons, and get the same browsing experience without worrying about your privacy.

Email Scraper Wizard 1.5 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

Whether you are into marketing or just having a hard time finding the contact information from a website, Email Scraper Wizard will help you. Not only can it grab all the email ids mentioned on a website, but also snags email ids from simple and custom Google searches. In addition, it keeps changing your IP address to prevent a ban from certain websites and Google and also supports proxy. The new version has added support for ‘https’ versions of the web pages.

Hekasoft (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

If you are planning to migrate to a new OS or simply going for a clean install, Hekasoft can help you backup your browser. Providing support for a gamut of web-browsers, Hekasoft will let you your save user profile information, among various other settings and the pages that you have bookmarked.

Game Protector (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

If you don’t want your friends or may be young ones in the house to play the games that you love spending some time on, Game Protector will help you secure them by making them password-protected. To disguise the app, you can rename the exe file and dress it up with a different icon. It is free, and doesn’t hog much of your system resources.

Additionally, password protection and its removal doesn’t take much time either. Great app if you don’t want people to mess up your saved games and cost you a lot of points.

Online Services and Extensions

Bing Saves (Online Service)


Earlier this week, Microsoft rolled out a new feature called Bing Saves which allows users to preserve the interesting things they come across on the web. Essentially, it works as a bookmark manager, but its actual use comes to the fore when the content that others have saved (or pinned) does well in search results. This will ensure that you are catered with quality content and not just posts that are randomly frequented in search results.

FasterFox (Firefox)


Firefox isn’t a slow browser, but arguably it’s not as fast as Chrome. While the add-on we are talking about won’t make it as fast, it will certainly make it faster than regular Firefox. FasterFox, an add-on specifically available for Firefox, reduces the time that the browser takes to process a page. If you aren’t sure about the settings (which you can always revert to default) you can simply select Turbo Charged/Strong, which tweaks a few settings of the browser to make it swifter.

Speed (Chrome)

If you’re a person who reads a lot of content on the web, Speed can help you boost your reading speed. It lets you decide a word per minute speed and after you select text, it opens a box and runs the textual content in it, at the specified pace. You can of course change the speed and the font size as per your comfort.

Yesware (Chrome)

Another handy app for marketing folks, Yesware integrates with Gmail, and lets you know when the recipients have clicked, opened, and replied to your email. You can also get a daily or periodic report of such notifications. Furthermore, it also has a reminder feature that will remind you of the emails you are supposed to send.

Hola Unblocker(Chrome, Firefox, Desktop app)

If you would rather visit the web without leaving your footprints behind, Hola Unblocker is a nice solution. Not only does it make your online presence anonymous, it also enables you to access the content which was otherwise unavailable. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, and as a desktop application. On Chrome, it just takes a click to go anonymous.

Software Update

New versions of LibreOffice, Notepad++, Picasa and uTorrent have hit the store, but the changelog doesn’t provide much information. Meanwhile, uTorrent has received a major user interface revamp. Worth an upgrade.

Tip of the week: Getty Images are free now!

One of the largest image libraries, GettyImages opened its door for everyone. If you’re a writer, web-publisher or an editor, you can now make full use of the service without having to spend a dime. Also, people can take the images and use them in their presentations and projects without worrying about violations.

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