We had just reported about the HeadWatch smartwatch and we’ve spotted yet another interesting wearable gizmo to share with you – HealBe’s flagship product, the GoBe calorie tracker device, described as a “100% automatic body manager” which allows users to automatically measure calories consumed and burned during any activity by reading directly the glucose levels through your skin.gobe-calore-tracking-device

The reason why GoBe has already exceeded its funding goal of $100, 000 is the fact that it is really simple to set up and use. You just need to wear it in order to see calories consumed and burned, activity, hydration, sleep, stress levels. They will get delivered effortlessly to your smartphone through a companion application, of course. There’s no logging, estimates or tracking at all, as everything with this device is automatic.

GoBe precisely calculates calorie intake, burn, and metabolic rate during any of your activity – be it running, swimming, weight lifting or anything else. Of course, the device is also able to read your heart rate, as well. I own a Jawbone UP and I must confess that GoBe seems like a really interesting device, since you don’t have to keep a food diary, scan bar codes, or take photos of your meals to know how many calories have been consumed.

I remember reading somewhere that Apple’s rumored iWatch could also get launched with a similar technology, which is based on photoelectric sensors. HealBe calls it the “LOW technology” an unique algorithm consisting in measurements from the body manager’s pressure, accelerometer, and impedance sensors.  GoBe is also waterproof and its battery is said to keep the device charged for three days of typical use.

Just like other similar services, GoBe’s mobile app and web portal will let you set goals, earn badges, and even get suggestions to improve your workouts. GoBe will be widely available as soon as June 2014 but you can get one now for $154, which is almost half the price that the device is going to have once it gets commercially launched – $300.

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