Nowadays, we’re producing massive amounts of digital photos that we also enjoy on digital devices and it seems that printed photos are long gone. But how many photos we will just forget about? I know I took thousands of pictures and have stored most of them on my external hard drive, but nothing can match the feeling of actually looking at the picture and knowing that it’s there and you can take it with you. Enter LifePrint, a new portable printer which is currently seeking crowdfunding on KickStarter to make it easier to print photos wherever you are.


The concept isn’t necessarily unique and highly innovative, as it’s strikingly similar to LG’s smart mobile printer and other solutions from important companies. At the moment of writing this, with 38 days to go, the team has managed to gather slightly than 10% of their funding goal of $200,000 goal. LifePrint is app-enabled and works with iOS or Android smartphones. The LifePrint app lets you select the photo you want and wirelessly print in about 60 seconds over your data network or Wi-Fi connection. Robert Macauley, creator and Vice President of LifePrint, said the following:

Let’s face it, life’s just too awesome to be confined to digital screens. With LifePrint, you can recapture that wonderful feeling of holding life’s moments in your hands, and then share that feeling with friends and family in a way that’s much more special than just clicking “like” on a screen.

The portable LifePrint printer weighs 1.5 pounds and its battery can produce 30 prints on a single charge, which isn’t that impressive, but given its size, there’s not too much we can ask from it. The good thing is that it comes with a thermal print engine and no ink is required, at all. The device is available in black, white, or black and chrome colors and will cost $199 if it hits retail. But you can get it a much lower prices on KickStarer – the cheapest version being a white or black LifePrint for $99, with prices gradually going up to $125 and $150 as there are limited numbers available. As for photos, it will cost you $20 for 30 prints, a 3” x 4” size film.

This is a really cool project when you just think of the idea that you take some pictures while you’re away skiing and when you return home, they will be there on the table. This printer also has a social feature, which lets friends or family members from all over the world instantly share actual photographs. The app comes with some editing options such as color filters, picture stitching, adding ‘talk bubbles’ and other text, border selection and others

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