Although the week wasn’t very busy in the PC universe, we have managed to spot the best software and extensions nonetheless. This week we’ll take a look at an app that lets you close all the running applications in a single click, an app that will let you keep track of your favorite shows, checking what exactly is Popcorn Time and checking what new features VLC and Mozilla have added in their latest builds. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

CloseAll (Type: Free, OS: Windows- all versions, Size: 1MB)


If you’re looking for an application that lets you close all the other running programs on your computer, you may want to try CloseAll. A very light application, that as its name suggests, lets you close all the other application. Another good thing is that as soon as it is done closing the program, it also vanishes. The program doesn’t require any installation.

EZ TV Listings (Type: Free, OS: Windows – 8 and higher, Size: 1MB)

Don’t like missing on your favorite shows? Let EZ TV Listings remind of you of them. Using EZ TV you can know about the schedule of your favorite shows, and be reminded about them as well. As of now, the app uses Windows 8’s Tile and Toast notifications for the reminders, but the app developer says email notifications can be expected in the future updates.

Popcorn Time (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 36MB)


It’s been making a lot of buzz, for all the wrong reasons. Popcorn Time lets you stream movies for free, so of course it doesn’t really go by the laws of many countries. But then comes the way it works – provides several layers of protection and anonymity. The service went dead hours after it was launched, but then thanks to the internet, the service has been brought up from the dead water. Try at your own risk, though.

VLC Media Player 2.2 (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 30 MB)

Does this ever so popular application need an introduction? Not really, but the new feature “Addon manager” version 2.2 brings does. There are tons of extensions offering a plethora of features. Want to learn a song, tune your favorite YouTube playlist, try some ASCII art? The extensions will let you do that. You can check out all the extensions from its add-on page.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 8 (Type: Free, OS Windows XP, Vista and 7, Size:  )

From the makers of popular transformation packs, comes the new Windows 8 builds. The new version mimics the changes we have spotted in the Windows 8.1. Among the several changes, you can spot the ever so slight iteration in the log-in screen, the new Seogui font, the new set of wallpapers.

WinCompose (Type: Free, OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 850 KB)


What do you do when you need to use a special character that isn’t listed on the keyboard? There is always the prebuilt tool Character map, and you can also browse the web and find it from there. Both of which will take some extra effort and time. WinCompose is here to fix that broken model. Using WinCompose you can set keyboard shortcuts for special characters. You can obviously change the shortcut in accordance with your own preference.


Facebook Favorite (Chrome)

Ever find a long post on the Facebook that you would rather read later? Facebook Favorite lets you do just that. Once you have the extension installed on your Chrome browser, you will see a “favorite” button on all the posts. This button will save the post in the browser’s cache, and will let you read them later.

Black Menu for Google (Opera and Chrome)

This add-on for Opera gives you single click access to all the popular Google services. You can perform several operations such as uploading files, posting things on Google+ from there itself. it is also available on Chrome.

CookieKeeper (Firefox)

We know that cookie stores session information and various other files that we come across while browsing. But deleting those cookies will then have you re-login to all your browsers. Moreover, if you are certain that you want some sites to keep their cookies stores in your browser, CookieKeeper can let you do just that.

Bottom Tabs (Firefox)

Don’t like seeing browser tabs at the top of the Window? Using Bottom Tabs you can push them at the bottom. Not only does this make screen look cleaner, but it also makes it quite easy to navigate across pages once the changes has been made.

Software Updates

Firefox 28

Firefox has gotten an user interface revamp in its newest version. Not just that, there is in-built support of VP9 video decoder, support for WebVTT, better control over audio and videos and tons of things for the developers to make use of.

Other than that, Internet Download Manager, Recuva, Opera and ACDSee picked up minor updates.

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