Wearable devices seems to be the technology niche with the biggest growth, but devices to make your home smarter and more connected have also seen a huge boom. You can have a look at our top with 20 of the best Internet of Things devices if you’re curious to learn more on this subject. LG is one of the big tech companies interested in this new field and that’s why they have recently released smart fridges and ovens and even appliances that you can “chat” with.


Now the Korean giant is launching its very first smart light bulb called “LG Smart Lighting”. At the moment, the most popular smart light bulb is Philips’ Hue, as it was the single such device which was allowed to sell on Apple’s online Store. LG’s Smart Bulb product will be able to connect via Bluetooth or WiFi to iOS and Android devices ( Android 4.3 and up, and iOS 6 and above), coming with some really cool features like flashing on incoming lg-smart-light-bulbphone calls.

LG’s bulb will also feature a security mode to make it look like you’re home when you’re not in order to prevent thefts and a play mode for when you’re playing music to make your parties rock. The smart bulbs are said to be low-wattage band run for more than 10 years at an average use of five hours per day. Also, LG’s Smart Lamp, as it’s also called, is said to be 80% more efficient than typical incandescent bulbs. 

The price at launch will be around 35,000 won, which translates into $32 per bulb; no word yet on availability. It seems that these smart bulbs will be much cheaper than Philips’ Hue devices, but LG hasn’t specified whether they will need a bridge to work, since that will also come at a cost. However, despite the fact that Hue requires a ZigBee base station while LG’s new product connects directly to a phone via Bluetooth, the latter can perform basic features like dimming the light or turning them on or off at a cheaper price.

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Internet of Things is surely the next big thing in tech world. It’s very important that mainstream consumer tech companies like LG get into it in a big way. Starting with Smart Bulbs is a smart move, and we hope we get to see them outside of Korea pretty soon.
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