When seeing the title, you probably thought that HTC is planning another surprise smartphone, but we’re actually talking about a different company here. Not too many would have heard about OnePlus, a company which was created in December, 2013 by Pete Lau, who was previously Vice President at Oppo. Since last year, the company has been working hard to produce their very first smartphone (which they claim to be the ‘World’s Best Smartphone’ and now the CEO has announced that this will happen on April 23.

We’re almost ready to showcase our baby to the world. On April 23, the OnePlus One will be fully unveiled. Forget gimmicks and bloat. It’s time to return to the product itself. Its design, its build quality. The feeling you get when using it. It’s time to return to user value, and make all the necessary choices to ensure that in the end, it’s the user that benefits. Thanks for everyone’s patience and support over the last few months. We promise it will be worth it.

The name of their first smartphone will be called “One“, and we must wonder whether this is just an innocent coincidence since HTC’s 2013 One smartphone was released well before OnePlus was even created. I can even feel some lawsuits approaching, if the OnePlus One device gets too popular. But OnePlus doesn’t seem to be too afraid as it has posted a teaser image on their Facebook account already, comparing the 2014 HTC One with the upcoming OnePlus One.


As you can see for yourself, the smartphone is said to come with the Snapdragon 801 processor, a 5.5inch IPS Display with some special features that apparently make it better than the HTC One M8, a 13MP camera and a 3100+ mAh battery. It’s interesting that OnePlus cared to mention that there will be no extra logo on front. But the most appealing feature of the device, considering its specs, is the fact that it will be price for less than $400! Of course, the build quality and looks will matter a lot, so we will be curious to see what the real deal is about.

An unique process

OnePlus has been using social media to gather inputs from consumers, in order to make sure that the real product satisfied the expressed needs and concerns. The OnePlus One smartphone will run the CyanogenMod version of Android, which means it will be only the second phone to do so, after the Oppo N1 .The device will also come with  five differently styled rear covers – silk, sandstone, denim, bamboo, and Kevlar. The OnePlus One is expected to feature always-listening software similar with what the Motorola Moto X can do.

megafon What we think of this
The rise of small companies building smartphones is awesome – we’ve seen names such as Yota, Jolla and Geeksphone. I’m certain that if OnePlus One comes with a great design, it will manage to snag in plenty sales. Still, the name isn’t their best choice…

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