Technology Personalized’s weekly roundup with the best new Android applications and games from the Google Play Store is here and we’ve got ten juicy titles to present you. But before we start this week’s list, you can go ahead and have a look at the previous one where we features such names as School of Dragons, Metal Gear Solid V, Fleep and others. This week’s selection is incredibly rich in new awesome games, so get ready for some heavy playing!

If you are interested in the most important technology news for the past week, and you fear you missed something important, we’ve got you covered. Also, if you’re interesting in some cool applications for your PC, go ahead and read our weekly selection, as well. And now, let’s see what we’ve got here!

NBA 2K14 ($7.99)nba-2k14

One of the best basketball game franchises has now become available for Android users with the release of NBA 2K14. The game isn’t quite cheap, but it does come with impressive graphics and gameplay features. You will be able to make use of intuitive controls: classic or one-finger control, play in the multiseason mode with multiple NBA seasons and take your team to glory. Inside the game you will also find the full 2K beats soundtrack.

Virus Shield ($3.99)

virus-shieldThere are plenty of antivirus and anti-malware solutions currently available for Android smartphones and tablets, but Virus Shield thinks it can appeal with its own features. It protects your Android device from harmful viruses, malware, and spyware and comes with overall speed improvements, as well. This antivirus app will scans applications, settings, files, and media in real time and has a very low impact on battery life as it runs quietly in the background. What you pay is what you get, as there are no annoying ads at all.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Free)captain-america

Another movie sequel dedicated to one of most popular superheroes, Captain America, will soon get launched. The Android version has already been made available by Gameloft – Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Only the first 2 levels are free, as you will have to pay for further content. The game comes with nicely designed graphics and it seems that Marvel itself has offered a hand; perhaps that’s why the game feels so great. I know because I’ve wasted some good minutes playing it!

AdWords Express (Free)

adwords-expressFor those who don’t know – AdWords is the program that lets you advertise your products on Google Search. Now the company has decided to release the AdWords Express mobile solution for those dealing on a frequent basis with this service. By using the app, you will be able to see how many calls, clicks and views your ad is getting, edit your ad text, adjust your budget. Also, whenever some important changes take place in your account, you will receive push notifications.

Red Bull Racers (Free)red-bull-racers

Red Bull is known for its marketing partnership with racing teams and events so now the company has released the Android racing game Red Bull Racers. The game looks really great especially on Android tablets and it comes with many interesting races and tons of action. If you feel you’ve mastered the game well enough, you can challenge your friends and climb the leaderboard. Albeit it comes as a free download, it does come with in-app purchases.

Al Jazeera America News (Free)

al-jazeeraAl Jazeera has started out as a news outlet covering happenings in the Middle East, but it has slowly evolved to an important international information channel. Now the company is also targeting the Android environment with the launch of the new Al Jazeera America News app. The app covers such topics as politics, education, culture, business, and more, all illustrated with beautiful, photo-rich navigation. The really cool Audio Commuter feature allows you to listen to the news, if you don’t have the time to read. I’ve installed the app myself and am pleasantly surprised by its quality.

Star Wars: Assault Team (Free)star-wars

After having released the Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Android game, LucasArts is now launching their new Star Wars: Assault Team game for Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices. Play as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, Tusken Raiders, and others in this RPG game where every move counts. The graphics are pretty good for a mobile game and during battles you can make use of each character’s special skill. So, if you’re a Star Wars aficionado, you definitely need to give it a try.

Path Finder (Free)

path-finderThe number of map and GPS-related apps in the PlayStore is definitely not small, but Path Finder comes with some basic features that will appeal to many. The app tracks and records your path, speed, distance when you drive or walk. It will show real time data by using the GPS Sensor in your phone or tablet. Path Finder maps out your path, shows suggestions and even lets you save your route for future reference.

Cut the Rope 2 (Free)cut-the-rope-2

The sequel to the highly popular mobile game is here – Cut the Rope 2 gets launched with even more fun levels and tons of hours of play. The candy crunching, physics-based phenomenon comes with new locations, levels, characters, adventures and plenty of interesting missions. Recently released on the PlayStore, the game has already managed to score a very good rating, so go ahead and download it!

Reddit Now! (Free)

reddit-nowAndroid users of the Reddit website have plenty of apps at their disposal, but Reddit Now! is a new title which hopes to steal their hearts away. It comes with an intuitive interface, full multireddit support, nice messaging features, the ability to vote, comment, save, hide, and share posts and to save images for offline viewing. If you have some Reddit gold, you can remember what links you have visited. Also, the text editor for typing comments and messages looks really well crafted.

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