During the course of a week, thousands of new Android apps get released onto the Play Store, and it can become quite a pain to find some that you can know for sure are good. That’s our job here at come ever end of a week, we’re here to bring you what we consider to be some of the best Android apps and games. In cause you have missed the previous roundup, go ahead and have a look as you’ll find there such titles as NBA 2K14, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cut the Rope 2 and others.

If you own a PC, then you could be interested in the latest weekly suggestion for some of the best PC apps to use. This time, we have more Android apps than games, but don’t get disappointed, as all of them are really useful and they will definitely improve your daily activities. So, let’s have a look at what’s on for this time.

FireChat (Free)firechat

FireChat has instantly become a hit and a sensation for iPhone and iPad users after it was initially released on the iTunes Store. Now it gets released on the PlayStore and it has already enjoyed the same success. What makes this app so special is the fact that it doesn’t require an Internet connection or any type of mobile coverage to work as it relies on Open Garden’s mesh networking technology.

Coursera (Free)

courseraWe have talked about Coursera previously, in our roundup with some of the best online educational video libraries. Now, the official Coursera Android app has been released and it comes with over 600 courses on various topics, like mathematics, music, medicine and others. The courses are available in 12 languages and you can easily enroll and then sign up for upcoming courses by enabling notifications.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ (Free)bloomberg-business-week

Those who have been reading Bloomberg Businessweek+ on the web can now make use of the official Android app. And if you own a Samsung devices, then you’re lucky – you get a 1 year subscription completely for free. The app brings all the content of the print edition but also some exclusive content and interactive features for the Android version. It comes with auto-archiving option for issues older than 3 months and lets you change the size of fonts.

Tennis 3D (Free)

tennis-3dThere are plenty of tennis games for Android users out there, but this new one is based on the 3D physics engine, which makes it quite realistic. Tennis 3D comes with Quick Play mode and World Tour mode and thanks to its accurate and visual control, it does a good job in simulating the real deal. It comes with a good selection of unique players that you can select to win as many Grand Slam tournaments as you can.

Lingua.ly (Free)lingualy

If you’re interested in learning languages with the help of your mobile devices, then you can have a look at our previous roundup of apps that we created for this purpose. Lingua.ly is a well known service that has now landed on Android, letting users type or paste words to make use of the apps’ smart dictionary. There are also personalized flashcards and fun games to make learning easier. At the moment, the following languages are included – English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

Book Creator ($2.00)

book-creatorYou don’t have to be a real writer to want to create a book, as you can transform the most mundane daily thoughts it you personal journal with great looks. This is exactly the purpose of Book Creator, a new Android app which comes with a ton of useful features to help you create a children’s picture book, photo book, art book, cook book, manual, textbook and so on. When you are done, you can export your books as ePub 3 files ready for submission to Google Play and even Apple’s iBooks Store.

Heroes of Atlan (Free)heroes-of-atlan

Role playing games will never get old, so if you’re into this genre, then the new Heroes of Atlan Android game will interest you, as it comes with great looks and gameplay. There are plenty of Heroes that you need to pick, then customize and upgrade in order to defeat the Demon King. Besides plenty of unique items for your Hero, there are even various pets which will help on your adventure. And if you think you’re good enough, then enter the weekly tournaments.

Timehop (Free)

timehopWe’ve heard of software and apps to help you send emails to the future, but Timehop comes with a totally different concept – it lets you relieve moments from your past. It does that by fetching pictures from your mobile device and social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. Of course, if you weren’t that active on these social networks, then chances are it might not seem that interesting, so this tool is aimed at those who published a lot of pics.

Dead End (Free)dead-end

Dead End game is one of its kind, as it comes with a really awesome looking design, which is said to be a “mix between old-fashioned racing games and grindhouse horror movies”. It sounds weird, but you’ll understand it once you play the game. A pretty simple arcade racing game, it attracts with its atypical monochromatic graphics. Inside the game you can smash zombies and use wind-shield wipers to clean the mess. Of course, there are upgrades available so that your car becomes stronger and faster.

Clean Droid (Free)

clean-droidWe install plenty of apps on our Android devices, and we have dozens of files that we forget where we put. All this creates a lot of clutter and makes our devices work slower. Clean Droid: Deep Cleaner is a new Android app which cleans Android’s full system cache, temporary data of apps you use, boosts RAM, and even lets you manage installed apps and stored apks. Also, it comes with a network tescan tool and many other really useful features.

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