It’s been a great week in the PC world. We got lots of exciting new announcements at Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2014. From new operating systems to new devices coming from abroad, Microsoft has hinted that it has lots of exciting things in the offing.

Talking about the apps that we’ve got this week for you, there is a new Start menu for Windows 8 users, an application that lets you find and perform various operations on duplicate files, a BitTorrent client that works on a browser, and a free download manager which will make broken download links work, also, there are many exciting tools that you might find interesting. So, gear up!

Desktop software

Spencer (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 500 KB)


Windows XP’s end of support is reaching its deadline next week. The recent surge in Windows 8 and 8.1’s market share has hinted that many XP users have indeed graduated to the new operating system. If you are among these users, and are missing the start menu already, Spencer can come in handy. There are plenty of third-party applications that offer start-menu like programs, but Spencer is a bit different. Unlike other third-party apps, it doesn’t replace the Start button (which Microsoft made available in Windows 8.1), instead pins an app to the status bar through which you can conveniently explore and use for opening applications.

DupScout (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

If your hard-drive is filled with more than one copy of the same file, DupScout can help you find and delete those files. You can also use it to find the shortcuts of those duplicate files, and delete them as well. There is a nice visual representation to show you how much size these files were hogging too.

Hadouken 2.1.1 (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

Hadouken is a third-party BitTorrent client which can be run from a web-browser. Unlike desktop clients, Hadouken comes as plugin, which surprisingly offers more than just torrent download support. Written in C# language, its interface is based on uTorrent WebUI. It also supports remote management.

EagleGet (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: 5MB)


There are plenty of download managers, and while EagleGet might not be as fast as our favorite, Internet Download Manager, it isn’t much behind either, not to forget that it is free. It sports a nice user interface, but that isn’t its strongest feature. Unlike most download managers, EagleGet can fix and update the download link to resume downloads.

Hardware Identify v1.1.0 (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )

If you have recently set-up your system and see several new hardware alerts on your system tray, this application will let you know what hardware exactly it is. Keep in mind, it won’t help you find the drivers, but will definitely help you find the information about the hardware.

Desktop Ticker (Type: Free; OS: Windows – all versions, Size: )


Desktop Ticker is an RSS reader with an intuitive way to present the feeds to you. Unlike most RSS clients, Desktop Ticker scrolls the feeds right across the taskbar. You can continue doing your work on any editor or browser, Desktop Ticker quietly keeps scrolling the new stories from your favored RSS feeds. You can go to the settings and change the font, font size and other things to make the text more appealing for you.

Browsers extensions

Black Menu for Chrome

Black Menu is an extension for Chrome which brings several shortcuts from Google services to your browser, making it easier to launch those apps. Thus you won’t have to leave the page for performing translation, checking emails, and checking news headlines.


Select a string of text, and the Fokus extension which is available on both Chrome and Firefox will dim everything on the screen. It is very much like Turn off the lights extension for Chrome that dims every part of the screen when you’re watching a video on YouTube.

Single Click Cleaner 

This extension for Opera will make it easy for you to clean browser cache, cookies, history and other things. Once you’ve installed it on your browser, you will see a dustbin icon on the status bar. You can go to its settings to choose the things you want it to clean.

Talk and Comment

Talk and Comment lets you record replies to Facebook comments and then paste links to that audio recording instead of the text. If you’re bored with textual comments, it’s time you gave this a try.

Software Update

Google Keep

Google Keep got a major update last week. Besides the visual revamp, it added a transcribe feature to the photos, and introduced a trash bin which will keep your notes for 7 days before deleting them.

KeePass 1.27

Popular password management application, KeePass fixed several things. The visual code optimization and visual UI text have gotten some improvements. Apart from added support for internet Explorer. Also, password text boxes now use a monospace font.

TeamViewer 9.0.27614

TeamViewer improved the support for multi monitors. It also brought some enhancements to the tab design.

In addition, QuiteRSS and Internet Download Manager too picked up minor updates.


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