Back in the middle of last month, we’ve seen Google seriously discount the price of its Google Drive monthly cloud storage plans, to just $1.99 for 100GB, $9.99 for 1TB and $99.99 for 10TB. At the time, it felt like this was the cheapest offer, but MediaFire has prepared an even more painful hit for cloud storage players – 1TB of monthly storage space for only $2.5! However, this is a temporary offer in order to get some promotion, but the normal price is still very cheap at only five dollars per month.


So, the normal rate that MediaFire charges for one terrabyte of cloud storage space per month is two times cheaper than what Google currently charges for the same capacity. But you probably don’t need that much space, so how about this – there is a completely free plan that gives you 100GB of free space per month. The single small caveat is that your downloads are advertising-supported.

The Pro and Business plans are available for a promotional price, and if you need as much as 100 TB per month, you can currently get it for $25 per month. The promotion doesn’t apply only to monthly plans, as scustomers can choose to pay for an entire year, which means you get to benefit from the price cut for a longer time. Besides the new promotion plans, MediaFire has also come with some improvements for its users. One of them is the ability to to upload individual files of up to 20 GB when using native 64-bit browsers.

MediaFire is the only file storage service on the market designed with file sharing in mind. With no download, upload, or sharing limits, we make it simple and easy to store and share all of your files, and design all of our products with regular consumers in mind. We have 37 Million registered users and growing, and over 150 Million people download files from MediaFire every month

The MediaFire Desktop has been updated with major speed upgrades and the company said native apps for iPad and Android devices are in the works. By using them, you will be able to automatically sync photographs from mobile device to the cloud.

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