One thing that I never liked about laptop is the fact that while some of them are really lightweight, their chargers are really bulky and a pain to deal with. Not to mention the fact that we’re lacking an universal charger standard which would help reduce electronic waste. So, if you too think laptop chargers are really too big, then you will be interested in Dart – a new Kickstarter project which is touted as the world’s slimmest and smallest laptop charger that is currently available for less than $100.


From the looks of it, Dart is six times lighter and four times smaller than traditional laptop chargers, and has an in-line USB port that charges your mobile device in the same time as it charges your laptop. At the moment of writing this, there were more than 2,200 backers supporting the project who have pledged more than $234,000 of the initial funding goal of $200,000; and there are still 29 days to go. And besides the fact that it is really small, the Dart is also stylish, having a brushed aluminum surface and well-crafted colors. FINsix, the company which created the Dart, explains the technology behind it:

The Dart’s radical reduction in size is enabled by patented MIT technology called very high frequency (VHF) power conversion. It is well known in power electronics that increasing switching frequency is key to reducing size, weight, and cost. However, it is critical (and very hard) to switch faster while maintaining high efficiency. This is because modern power converters repeatedly deliver small packets of energy to the electronic device in cycles called switching cycles. Thus, we can cycle up to 1000x faster without wasting any more energy than a conventional power converter. Cycling faster means we can transfer a smaller packet of energy to each cycle – and make the power converter a lot smaller.

This small charger delivers 65W of power, which is more than sufficient to charge your laptop. At the moment, we don’t know if it will be fast than your regular laptop charger, or maybe slower. The Dart comes in the following colors: Blue, Magenta, Silver, Gunmetal, or Orange, weighs only 60 grams and the cable has a length of 6 feet. The cheapest price that the Dart is currently available at is $89. This represents a $30 discount off its retail value. However, it is not MacBook compatible, as the cheapest version for Apple’s laptop costs $148.


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