A lot of things have changed since Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo!’s CEO, and on of the biggest shifts has been the focus on mobile. And since Yahoo! is a services company, by mobile we mean apps and software, as well as the overall online presence. Flickr is one of the most known image hosting and video hosting websites, and it also has a strong presence on the Google Play Store, with millions of users who have downloaded the app and make use of its flickr-auto-upload-androidfeatures.

Today, the Android version of Flickr has been updated 3.0 and it brings some really useful new features. The official changelog says the app has been¬†completely rebuilt and redesigned and new¬†advanced editing features have been added, such as “gorgeous filters” and some other powerful editing tools. But there’s one feature that the changelog doesn’t explain in detail – the new auto-upload functionality. Instead, it only mentions the following: “all your pictures in one place. Take them everywhere”. So, unless you’re a loyal Flickr user, you haven’t realized that this refers to the automatic backing up of your photos and videos.

You can see in this screenshot from the right that you can now auto sync your content to your Flickr account and you can choose for this to happen when you’re on WiFi or on a WiFi + Cellullar network. Of course, you can keep your files private, and make the available only when you want to. Thus, with this new feature, Flickr for Android comes with the same set of skills as its competitors, such as Dropbox’s new Carousel app. So, waste no more time and go ahead and download Flickr from the PlayStore.

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