It’s time for this week’s segment featuring all the nice apps and extensions that have cropped up. This week we’ve the tools that will inform you if you’re visiting a vulnerable website. Besides, we’ll also see Microsoft’s updated Essentials suite.

In addition, we will find a great note taking app for Windows, a tool which will let you know if all the drivers are running fine, and an extension which will help you discover great content from around the web.


Glary Utilities 4.9 (Type: ;OS: Windows – all versions; Size: 12 MB)


If your system has been running slow lately, you can give Glary Utilities a try. The system tuning application offers a plethora of operations, though the chief  is cleaning and optimizing your system to get things to pace. It has a free version too, as well as a fully functioning 30-days trial. Besides cleaning and tuning, the suite also has a defragmentation tool, as well as an uninstaller program.

CintaNotes (Type: Free;OS: Windows – all versions; Size: 3MB)

CintaNotes is a note taking application for Windows. It’s a minimalistic editor, which is extremely lightweight and offers tagging system. There is an inbuilt Dropbox integration which will allow you to sync the files across several devices. Another striking feature of the app is its incredibly fast, or as the company touts, “fast-as-you-type” searching, which is really nice to have. It offers portability, which means that you can put it the application on your USB drive and run it from some other computer if required.

KbdKaz 500 (Type: ;OS: Windows – all versions; Size: )


Although its name isn’t catchy or fancy, what it does is quite fascinating. The application, which can be installed on any version of Windows will let you add as many as 700 characters and symbols. You can set custom combinations to get the keyboard to shell out different symbols and characters. It can come really handy if you want to use characters like Ç ü ® ± ? in your paper.

Windows Essentials 16.4.3528.0331 (Type: ;OS: Windows – all versions; Size: )


Formerly known as Windows Live Essentials, this freeware suite from Microsoft offers you bundled tools for email, blog publishing, security services, instant messaging and photo sharing. These programs integrate with each other, as well as other Microsoft products.

InstalledDriversList(Type: ;OS: Windows – all versions; Size: )


Yet another gem product from Nirsoft, InstalledDriversList, as its name suggests, lists all the drivers that you have installed on your system. A system requires driver modules for running various hardware components such as audio-card, graphics cards, WiFi chip and more. The application, as all other Nirsoft applications sports a rather simple user interface. It lets you know if any driver is missing, or not working properly. In addition, it also shares information like, when a particular driver starts its execution.



Much like Pocket and Instapaper, ReadingPack lets you save articles for later and offline viewing. So when we have both the services already, why to give this a try. Right? ReadingPack in addition to what aforementioned services do, lets you discover content as well. You can also follow your favorite writers and journalists, for example to see what they are reading these days. The app is available across platform, from the browser to Android.

All Search Engines on your tab

All Search Engines on your tab combines Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, Twitter, Wolfram Alpha, Google Play Store, ThePirateBay, and YouTube and brings one result to your page. The ‘I’m feeling lucky button’ will run all the searches at once. The add-on lets you have your name (or anyone’s) appear as the search logo.


By now you must have heard about Heartbleed. The vulnerability in the OpenSSL protocol, which is used by the vast majority of the websites, can have hackers retrieve information from the website.

Since the bug makes the website vulnerable, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, there are two extensions that you can install on your favored browsers that will inform you if you’re on a vulnerable website.

Chromebleed – Chrome users can install Chromebleed.

Foxbleed – Firefox users can install Foxbleed.

Social Share Count

If you want to know how popular a particular content is, you can install Social Share Count on your Firefox browser. The add-on will tell you know how many times the content you’rew viewing has been shared on various social networks.

Software Update

Windows 8.1

If you’re still wondering exactly how many files you are supposed to install in order to get your Windows 8.1 computer updated, here we have found the single offline installer for you. If your computer is running the 32bit (x86) version of the operating system, download this file. If it is a 64bit machine, you can download this file.

In addition, Evernote, Java, Google Drive, Dropbox picked up minor updates over the last week, so you might want to fire up those apps and snag the latest update.

Tip of the week: Don’t change your password, unless you’ve been asked to.

The entire internet is shaken up by the Heartbleed bug, which as one would expect has created a sense of panic in the minds of the consumers as well. Given the type of nature of the vulnerability, nothing much can be done from the user’s end. Since the bug has found the vulnerability in the website, unless your website has asked you, do not change your password.

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