There are plenty of unusual new projects on KickStarter these days and this is one of those which will raise some eyebrows. Just by reading the title, you have probably wondered what are the features that can transform such a “dumb” object like a case into something social. Well, how about some lights which represent the mood you or your friends are in. But this battery case has some more functions built-in, the fruit of a work which lasted more than 2 years.


The Feeling Skin comes with social features and is also touted as the first truly smart battery-case. This case doesn’t require to be manually turned on as it detects when the smartphone runs low in power. After all, this is a feature that all battery cases, at least those coming from premium makers, should’ve been here quite a long time ago. If you know that your device is going to run low on power, then you want your battery case to automatically take over once its battery juice has been depleted.

This smart battery-case can precisely display the battery level thanks to the accompanying application. At the moment, Feeling Skin is only available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s users, but there will be Android and Windows Phone models in the future, as well. This case also lets you charge and synchronize the iPhone using a standard micro USB cable, without having to pull the smartphone out of the case to synchronize it by using Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.

And now let’s talk about its social nuance. As you will for yourself in the video from below, it can express emotions via color pulsations and you can share your own mood and see how are your friends feeling right now with the “Mood Up” and “Mood Down” options. While the above mentioned features are enough already for a killing product, there are chances that this social thingy might get perceived as goofy by some. Early adopters can get the case for $49, but since this is a limited offer, the next available prices will be $59 and $69.

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This is an interesting product, with some really useful feature but I still get the feeling that the social approach should’ve been offered as a side option and not built into the product itself.
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