It’s been quite a busy month, as tons of new apps made their way to Windows 8 Store, as well as for other desktop versions. Not only did apps, but a new update to the operating system, Windows 8.1 Update too arrived this month, along with a new update to Microsoft Office 2013. As the month approaches its end, let’s take a look at the new and exciting applications we stumbled across over the last few weeks.

This week we’ve an app which will help you remove all unwanted Microsoft utilities from your system, an app to prevent other programs from running, a Chrome extension that helps you copy and translate texts from an image, and more.


National Train Enquiry System (Type: Free, OS: Windows – 8 and higher, Size: 2MB)


Our Indian readers can make use of this incredibly useful application. Also available on Windows Phone, National Train Enquiry System offers you real-time information about trains, along with schedule and route data. Its user interface is quite friendly and straight-forward.

Device Health (Type: Free, OS: Windows – Windows Vista and higher)

Seeing the surge in cyber crime space, Microsoft has released Device Health application. Device Health will notify you when you’re doing any transaction from an unprotected system. If you’re doing a transaction and the connection too isn’t fully secure, you’ll be warned. It comes as an update, and you can install it on any computer running Windows Vista or higher.

Windows 8 App Remover (Type: Free, OS: Windows – All versions, Size: 220KB)

We know about the crapware and bloatware that HP, Dell, Samsung and other laptop manufacturers ship with their laptops. But there are enough unnecessary things that Microsoft too installs with Windows 8 that you might not actually need. You can have those applications weeded out of your system by using Windows 8 App Remover. It’s tiny, light and does its job without any lag or crash.

Simple Run Blocker (Type: Free, OS: Windows – All versions, Size:350KB )


If there are programs on your system that you don’t want others to access, you can have it blocked by using Simple Run Blocker. Simply drag and drop the executable files of the programs, and it will put a stop to them from execution. However, you will be required to restart your computer, or just kill and reinitiate explorer.exe file.

IObit PCtransfer (Type: Free, OS: Windows – All versions, Size: 4.5MB)

If you’ve been planning to upgrade your system to another operating system, IObit PCtransfer will really help you with the transition. Not only does the application help you move your files from the current OS to the (presumably) newer one, but also help to save application settings and other preferences. You can, of course do all this by yourself without the help of any software, but using an application like IObit PCtransfer will help you keep things easy and organized.

CatchApp (Type: Free, OS: Windows – 8 and higher, Size:3MB )


Working with a team while everyone is at different remote locations is difficult. While there are many services that provide data sync support, that feature hasn’t matured yet. CatchApp for Windows 8 lets you check your team’s activities. You can integrate over dozens of other apps with it, every new information is displayed in a chronological manner. It’s available as a web version, and on iOS as well.

Browser extensions

Project Naptha (Chrome)


Perhaps the most exciting browser extension that came out this month, Project Naptha allows you to select, copy or even translate the text inscribed on images. It all happens in real-time and could come really handy at times.

Sticky Notes (Firefox)

Windows 7 and higher OS offer a sticky notes app. However, using them might not be as convenient. Sticky Notes for Firefox takes it to a next level. It works with Firefox, and attaches to specific web-pages. So for instance, you want to be reminded about something the next time you open Facebook or a shopping portal, the add-on will make that happen.

Writebox (Chrome)

Available across Android, iOS, Web and Chrome, Writebox is a minimalistic text editor. It’s very light and offers very basic features. However, its integration with Dropbox and Google Drive and automatic sync functionality with them are very useful.

Netcraft (Chrome/Opera and Firefox)

Netcraft informs you when you visit an insecure website. This infected website could be a host of phishing files or vulnerable to Heartbleed bug. It offers detailed information about the level of security a site has implemented. It also provides you protection against cross site scripting and many other hacking methods.

Software updates

Any Video Converter, MediaInfo, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, CCleaner and WindowBlinds picked up minor updates this past week.

Tip of the week: Don’t uninstall that software!

If you’re spring cleaning your system, but not sure which applications to remove, there’s a freeware application called Should I Remove It. The application lets you know whether the program you’re about to uninstall should really be deleted from the system.

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