Acer is a company known for its affordable products, but it has lately gotten out of the spotlight but now a new range of products wants to fix that. And, since everybody is into wearable gadgetry these days, Acer has announced its very first smartband product, called Liquid Leap, but scarce details have been made public about it. The Leap is only 17 mm wide, tracks fitness activities and can be paired with your smartphone. It will be available in limited markets as a bundle with its newest flagship smartphone, the 5-inch Liquid Jade, which is also a new product.


At the moment we don’t know whether the Leap will be available for separate purchase, but both the Liquid Leap and Jade will be put up for sale in late July or early August. At the moment, it seems that the Leap will be made available for free with the purchase of the Jade smartphone, but we don’t yet its pricing. We only know that the smartphone will come with a 5-inch display and a very thin curved design. There are more products which Acer announced and they are part of Acer’s strategy in focusing on the cloud market, rather than the traditional PC. Here’s the list of other products which the company announced at today’s event in New York:

  • Acer Aspire Switch 10: this is a four-position two-in-one laptop with a detachable hinge design with 10.1-inch display and running Windows 8.1. It comes with an aluminum case and a keyboard dock with smart hinge, HD IPS screen, Intel Bay Trail, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage with optional 500GB and dual front-facing speakers.
  • Acer Iconia One 7: a new tablet running Windows 8.1, with an Intel dual-core processor, rear-camera and 10 colors to choose from
  • Acer Iconia Tab 7: 3G-connected tablet with front and back cameras, with a quad-core processor, Bluetooth and running on Android. It comes with a 1,280 x 800 display, a quad-core MediaTek processor and will be available for less than $200.
  • Aspire U 5 all-in-one: 23-inch all-in-one touch-screen PC with a full-mode high-definition display, dual-digital microphones and wide-viewing high-definition camera for video calling.
  • Acer Aspire E11, E14, E15: some new Windows 8.1 laptops with Intel or AMD chips, touch or non-touch, glare or no glare, available in four, six and ten colors. The E14 and E15 start at $299, the E11 will go for $269, and all three will be available in the States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia in June.
  • Acer Chromebook: a new Chrome OS-based laptop with Intel Core i3 which Acer calls the “fastest Chromebook in the industry.”

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