Mozilla is known for releasing frequent updates to its Firefox browser, but most of them come with minor updates which don’t affect too much the way Firefox looks and behaves. But now, after nearly two years of working on its Australis redesign, Mozilla is bringing it to its stable release channel, and this represents its most important release in quite a while now. Mozilla calls it “the most customizable Firefox ever with an elegant new design”. Here are some more details from the official blog post:


We reimagined and redesigned Firefox to reflect how you use the Web today and we are excited to introduce many features including an elegant and fun design, new menu, customization mode and an enhanced Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts. The first thing you’ll notice in Firefox is the beautiful new design that makes it easy to focus on your Web content. The tabs are sleek and smooth to help you navigate the Web faster. It’s easy to see what tab you’re currently visiting and the other tabs fade into the background to be less of a distraction when you’re not using them.

Mozilla says that there have been more than 1,300 user interface and bug fixes since it was first introduced as the Australis redesign about a year ago, so it will be quite a shocker for you when you will get the official version. Here is a breakdown of the major changes:

  • Elegant new design: the tabs and the overall user interface has been revamped and given a more modern look
  • Customization mode: dragging and dropping your favorite feature, tool or add-on in the menu or toolbar is now possible
  • Firefox menu: here you will find popular browser controls, features and add-ons and you can customize it as you want
  • Improved bookmark functionality: it’s now easier to create bookmarks with a single click
  • Easy access to Add-ons manager: Firefox 29 now comes with an Add-ons Manager that you can access directly from the menu

Besides, the Firefox Sync has been enhanced and is now powered by Firefox Accounts which gives you access to Awesome Bar history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across your computers and mobile Android devices. Also important changes have been made to the web platform and developer tools, such as support for WebRTC: (enablinh video calls and file sharing between browsers), WebAPIs, speed improvements for games and other performance-intensive applications and many others.

Source: Mozilla
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