A few days ago, we shared with you another interesting case, called Feeling Skin, which was basically a smart battery-case which automatically recharges your iPhone and even lets you know the mood of your friends. Now we’ve caught glimpse of another interesting upcoming iPhone case, called Lunecase. What makes it special is that it uses your iPhone’s electromagnetic energy to display glowing notifications on the back of your case. This way, you will see when you have an incoming call, message and what’s really cool about is that it is totally wireless.

Electronic devices emit very small amounts of electromagnetic energy. The energy surrounds most technological products in our daily life. People have endeavoured to harness this energy and make it usable. We decided to transform the unused energy from the iPhone into a notification system on the back of the phone. Thus, we started to use the unused.

Also, it’s pretty incredible that there’s no battery inside the Lunecase and you just have to snap the case on your iPhone for it to work straight away. Leaving aside its special ability, the Lunecase still acts as a protective case for the iPhone, being made from a durable material and bearing an elegant look, thanks to its slim profile. The single drawback at the moment is that the case currently operates only on GSM networks. This means that for those in the United States, the Lunecase will work with AT&T and T-Mobile and not with Sprint and Verizon.

The unique technology present in this gadget has been dubbed Lune and was first showcased at this year’s CES congress in Las Vegas. The reason why Lunecase currently works only with GSM networks is perhaps lying in the fact that it detects when you’re receiving a call or message based on the specific wavelength of your cell signal. The Lunecase was initially available for as low as $29, then for $35 and now you can get it for $39.

You can choose a black or white color for your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s which is still 20% lower than the suggested retail price of $50. Or, if you fancy something more special, you can get a Lunecase with a message engraved for $99. At the moment of writing there were more than 1,700 backers who have already pledged around $65,000 from the initial goal of $50,000. What about you, would you be interested in buying one?

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